Rental assistance isn’t getting into the hands of the renter

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christos, the eviction moratorium has ended, but the pandemic is still causing havoc across the country. A recent survey showed that 23 million adults reported their household didn’t get enough to eat, and an estimated 1 in 4 renters with children lived in a household that was behind on rent.

Sign and Send the petition: Urge your governor to distribute federal rental assistance funds now!

Hard-working Americans are struggling to afford basic necessities, let alone rent. Back in February, the American Rescue Plan allotted billions of dollars to help with the burden the pandemic has brought on so many. But the money isn’t reaching the hands of the renters who really need it. States have created ribbons of red tape that make the application process extremely difficult.

Congress has recently introduced two critical pieces of legislation that would help streamline the distribution process, but ultimately, states and localities have the power to cut the red tape now. Emergency Rental Assistance Program (ERA) funds must be distributed as quickly, efficiently, and equitably as possible so that the 750,000 Americans facing evictions and the 3.5 million behind on rent don’t get left behind.

Can you help us press states to do a better job distributing funds from the ERA?

Sign and send the petition: Write to your governor and demand that they distribute rental funds today!

Thanks for all you do,
Mayra Souza, Daily Kos

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