Now business conjures up s collapse scenario where we all endure “shortages” and outages?

Warn global supply chains and business leaders at risk of collapse

A coalition of international business leaders warns that the global supply chain is at risk of collapse unless the world government restores freedom of movement to transport workers and prioritizes vaccines. ing

Open letter to heads of state and government attending the UN General Assembly, the International Chamber of Shipping and other transport groups warning Nearly two years of travel bans and other restrictions “had a very detrimental effect” [transport workers’] Happiness and safety “.

Workers’ “abuse” is already putting pressure on the “collapsed” world supply chain, they say, and if they fail to act, they need to buy electronics, food, fuel, medical supplies and more before Christmas. He added that it could exacerbate the existing shortage of.

Pandemic border restrictions, distance requirements, and factory closures all disrupt traditional supply chains. Port congestionDelays in delivery and soaring freight rates on major transportation routes between China, the United States and Europe. The shortage of transport workers, combined with pressure, warned the organization and was expected to worsen.

British government Deploy soldiers and deliver gasoline After Britain decided to leave the EU and a pandemic occurred, there was a shortage of truck drivers. There is a global shortage of truck drivers, and the American Trucking Associations reports a shortage of nearly 61,000 drivers in the United States.

A transport organization representing 65 million workers accused the government of not listening and called for “decisive and coordinated action” to resolve the crisis.

At the peak of the crisis, 400,000 seafarers were unable to leave the ship, and some seafarers worked for more than 18 months on their original contract, the letter said. He added that flights are restricted and aviation workers are facing inconsistencies in borders, travel and vaccine restrictions / requirements.

Additional systematic stops at road boundaries also mean that truck drivers sometimes have to wait weeks before they can finish their journey and return home.

“The global supply chain is starting to recede because it puts a two-year burden on transport workers,” the group writes.

“There is also a shortage of workers in all transport sectors, hoping that more people will leave as a result of the inadequate treatment faced by millions during the pandemic, making the supply chain more We are under great threat, “the letter said.

The World Health Organization and the International Labor Organization need to act swiftly if they want to address these concerns, the letter added.

The signator, Willy Walsh, secretary-general of the International Air Transport Association, said the group wants common sense to spread. “But despite all the good work, data and expertise being done behind the scenes, we have politics that influence decisions, not real science,” he said. Said.

Umberto de Plett, Secretary-General of the International Transport Union, said: Do you want to recover the economy? If so, you want political leadership to deal with this crisis. “

Last week, shipping group Maersk, which carried about one-fifth of sea freight and is considered a pioneer in world trade, Told the Financial Times The revival of consumer demand has led to soaring fares, disrupting the global supply chain and making record profits this year. However, it also states that it is likely that 2022 will be before the supply chain begins to return to normal.

Warn global supply chains and business leaders at risk of collapse

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