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After the service did not stop in Swindon, passengers start a “rebellion”, forcing the train to reverse

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After the Great Western Railway did not stop at the scheduled station, railroad passengers “rebelled” and forced the train to reverse.

  • Passengers boarded a train to London last night and activated an emergency alert
  • Passengers were dissatisfied with the train not calling Swindon’s intended stop.
  • The driver returned the train to Swindon before the passengers were kicked off in Reading

NS Mailonline Katie Feehan

RELEASE: 05:20 EDT, October 4, 2021 | HAS BEEN UPDATED: 06:09 EDT, October 4, 2021

After the train did not stop in Swindon, passengers on the train to London united and caused a “rebellion” against the staff.

The Great Western Railway service from Penzance to Paddington was scheduled to call at Swindon on its way to the capital yesterday, but passengers were confused if they continued without stopping.

According to others in the passengers, the angry passenger heading for Swindon activated some of the train’s emergency alerts and stopped the train.

At least six alarms were reportedly activated before the driver finally decided to return to Swindon to drop off the passengers.

The Great Western Railway states that the stop was removed because the train was full and passengers were notified.

One of the passengers accessed social media to explain the incident and wrote: ‘The current situation at 16.41 from Totnes to Paddington is incredible.

Passengers on the train to London “united in a rebellion”, forcing Swindon to return to Swindon without an unexpected stop after passing, causing a serious delay (file photo).×300&w=386&h=300&ptt=12&adk=3210734511&output=html&bc=7&to=ampa&pv=1&wgl=1&asnt=0-1380234514514249392&dff=Arial%2C%20Helvetica%2C%20sans-serif&prev_fmts=354×320%2C386x300%2C386x96%2C386x300&prev_slotnames=9555247276%2C9555247276&brdim=0%2C0%2C0%2C0%2C354%2C0%2C354%2C649%2C386%2C708&ifi=5&rafmt=13&pfx=0&pwprc=7200648787&adf=1485371449&nhd=0&adx=16&ady=2591&oid=2&is_amp=5&amp_v=2109102127000&d_imp=1&c=56002274&ga_cid=amp-SY5kgIuZdAWmNhOzQOPZ6Q&ga_hid=2274&dt=1633352946044&biw=386&bih=708&u_aw=354&u_ah=786&u_cd=24&u_w=354&u_h=786&u_tz=60&u_his=1&vis=1&scr_x=0&scr_y=0&×300&w=386&h=300&ptt=12&adk=3210734511&output=html&bc=7&to=ampa&pv=1&wgl=1&asnt=0-316255433322087878&dff=Arial%2C%20Helvetica%2C%20sans-serif&prev_fmts=354×320%2C386x300%2C386x96&prev_slotnames=9555247276%2C9555247276&brdim=0%2C0%2C0%2C0%2C354%2C0%2C354%2C649%2C386%2C708&ifi=4&rafmt=13&pfx=0&pwprc=7200648787&adf=1485371449&nhd=0&adx=16&ady=2591&oid=2&is_amp=5&amp_v=2109102127000&d_imp=1&c=56002274&ga_cid=amp-SY5kgIuZdAWmNhOzQOPZ6Q&ga_hid=2274&dt=1633352945863&biw=386&bih=708&u_aw=354&u_ah=786&u_cd=24&u_w=354&u_h=786&u_tz=60&u_his=1&vis=1&scr_x=0&scr_y=0&

“We turned around and returned to Swindon, where the train didn’t stop and we sounded emergency alerts many times, so we dropped off the frustrated passengers …”

Passengers who described the trip as “commuting from hell” claimed that the system used to make the announcement was said to be non-functional and unaware that the train was not stopped at Swindon and Chippenham. increase.

Another person told the telegram: ‘Swindon united against GWR in a rebellion. No one knows why the train didn’t stop in Swindon. Swindon was part of the stop and people wanted to get off.

“In the end, they allowed the people of Swindon to win and the train returned there.”

The incident caused widespread disruption throughout the network and passengers faced serious delays.×300&w=386&h=300&ptt=12&adk=1140748166&output=html&bc=7&to=ampa&pv=1&wgl=1&asnt=0-2862710285211288650&dff=Arial%2C%20Helvetica%2C%20sans-serif&prev_fmts=354×320%2C386x300%2C386x96%2C386x300%2C386x300&prev_slotnames=9555247276%2C9555247276&brdim=0%2C0%2C0%2C0%2C354%2C0%2C354%2C705%2C386%2C768&ifi=6&rafmt=13&pfx=0&pwprc=7200648787&adf=3200145552&nhd=0&adx=0&ady=4346&oid=2&is_amp=5&amp_v=2109102127000&d_imp=1&c=56002274&ga_cid=amp-SY5kgIuZdAWmNhOzQOPZ6Q&ga_hid=2274&dt=1633353017287&biw=386&bih=768&u_aw=354&u_ah=786&u_cd=24&u_w=354&u_h=786&u_tz=60&u_his=1&vis=1&scr_x=0&scr_y=2044&

The train eventually ended its journey in Reading and all passengers were instructed to disembark and participate in another service to Paddington.

Passengers said the train was not told not to stop in Swindon, and some of them reportedly repeatedly activated emergency alerts to force the train back.
Passengers said the train was not told not to stop in Swindon, and some of them reportedly repeatedly activated emergency alerts to force the train back.

Passengers said the train was not told not to stop in Swindon, and some of them reportedly repeatedly activated emergency alerts to force the train back.×300&w=386&h=300&ptt=12&adk=1414526893&output=html&bc=7&to=ampa&pv=1&wgl=1&asnt=0-1172921169677598289&dff=Arial%2C%20Helvetica%2C%20sans-serif&prev_fmts=354×320%2C386x300%2C386x96%2C386x300%2C386x300%2C386x300&prev_slotnames=9555247276%2C9555247276&brdim=0%2C0%2C0%2C0%2C354%2C0%2C354%2C705%2C386%2C768&ifi=7&rafmt=13&pfx=0&pwprc=7200648787&adf=3281579067&nhd=0&adx=0&ady=5383&oid=2&is_amp=5&amp_v=2109102127000&d_imp=1&c=56002274&ga_cid=amp-SY5kgIuZdAWmNhOzQOPZ6Q&ga_hid=2274&dt=1633353047082&biw=386&bih=768&u_aw=354&u_ah=786&u_cd=24&u_w=354&u_h=786&u_tz=60&u_his=1&vis=1&scr_x=0&scr_y=3124&

Another passenger described his experience as a “journey from hell” and wrote:

‘I took the Paddington train in London at Newton Abbott. The train was supposed to stop in Swindon, but it didn’t. After this happened, an alarm was triggered and we were detained past Swindon. We were detained there for an hour.

“It may not have been your fault, but through everything we were told, there was no communication about the alarm being sounded and being held.

“If that hold-up wasn’t enough, we were told that the train ended in Reading after being late.”

Other passengers complained that the service was congested and there was a lack of communication from staff.

The Great Western Railway states that the stop has been removed due to congestion and passengers have been notified.

A spokesman for the Great Western Railway told MailOnline:

The service from Penzance to Paddington in 1418 was diverted via Chippenham and Swindon to assist passengers affected by previously canceled trains.

“But the service was too busy to carry more passengers safely, so the extra stop was removed.

“Passengers were informed of the decision, but an emergency through Swindon” was pulled and the train stopped. The service was delayed for another hour or more. The train continued its journey to Reading after being returned to Swindon.


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After the service did not stop in Swindon, passengers start a “rebellion”, forcing the train to reverse

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