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Why They’re Causing a Fuel Crisis… Dr. Vernon Coleman

October 5, 2021 TLB Staff COMMENTARYTyrannyWORLD 0

ER Editor: Kudos to Dr. Vernon Coleman.

Let’s just remind ourselves that Nord Stream 2 is being delayed in terms of licensing by the EU, even though it’s almost ready to begin pumping to the European consumer. See Nord Stream 2 Operator Begins Filling Pipeline Amid Historic EU Energy Crisis.


Why they’re causing a fuel crisis…


For many, many months I have been warning that every piece of apparent incompetence has a purpose. Politicians sacrifice their reputations in their determination to create constant chaos and fear.

The recent fuel shortages are global and attributed to a variety of factors.

There is, we are to believe, a sudden international shortage of people who can drive trucks. They all have covid. They all failed a PCR test. They’ve all gone home to Romania or Poland. They all have the hiccups.

It is, say the ever-toxic Remainers, all the fault of Brexit (although they struggle to use Brexit to explain fuel shortages in the US and the rest of Europe).

We should blame the fuel shortage on, well, a shortage of fuel, others say. The world has suddenly run out of oil and gas. (ER: And it’s the Russians’ fault according to some.)

All of this, of course, is nonsense.

Fuel shortages are planned and will continue indefinitely, on and off.

What is the goal?

First, the plan to destroy the world economy is still a work in progress.

Second, driver and fuel shortages will lead to food shortages and dramatically rising prices. That will lead to inflation. And that will further hurt the economy. And many people will die from lack of heat and food. That’s all part of the plan, too.

Third, the closure of gas stations will cause many people to have to work from home again. Just when offices were starting to open a little, many will close again. Again, this will help destroy the economy.

Fourth, the lack of fuel is being used as an excuse for more NHS closures. This, of course, is part of the plan. There will inevitably be more deaths. (Strangely, however, I am convinced that deliveries of covid-19 shots will come through and that shots in schools will not have to be cancelled.)

Fifth, using less fuel is all part of the global warming scam. The green cultists will be insanely happy if they can reduce our use of fossil fuels – even if it means millions of deaths.

Sixth, the online search for electric cars increased 1,500% in one day. No one wants to buy electric cars because they have a limited range and there are not enough charging stations. And so a created fuel crisis will encourage motorists to switch to electric cars. And then, in a few years, electric cars will be banned because there won’t be enough electricity for heating, cooking and lighting. That will make us all eager to move to our cardboard flats in a city center.

There is one snag as far as the virtue signalling moronic numpties are concerned.

If there’s no traffic around what’s the point in trying to block motorways?



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