Political plots going on inside Visegrad group inside Poland,Czech Republic and Hungary

EU picks off Czech Republic. Next up for EU…Poland then Hungary (Part 2) [VIDEO]

October 13, 2021 TLB Staff WORLD 0

ER Editor: This video discussion picks up from Part 1 The Duran team of Alex Christoforou and Alexander Mercouris did a couple of days ago. See The Fall of Austria’s Sebastian Kurz [VIDEO] – What’s Really Going On? We remind readers that this piece includes discussion of the Austria and Czech Republic situation by Benjamin Fulford, who offers a quite different interpretation of the big play here. We recommend Fulford just as we recommend Mercouris.Below are our notes for the Part 2 video:

  • Christoforou: The recent elections in the Czech Republic may have been influenced by the Pandora Papers’ release of tax information just within the last week. The centre-right coalition called ‘Together’ looks like it has beaten Babis’ ANO party. Babis was mentioned in the Pandora Papers.
  • Mercouris: It’s the same thing as what just happened in Austria with Kurz, but with a different twist. Babis was the eurosceptic president. He’s also rich, which makes any business dealings offshore completely unremarkable. And there is no allegation of wrongdoing against him. So there was quite possibly an agenda behind the release of this information. But it goes further than that. Babis’ previous coalition also included the left (Social Democrats – SD) and the Communists. Both of these tended to be Russophile. (There was also talk of Babis having a summit meeting with Duda of Poland and Orban of Hungary, all eurosceptics, where all would have taken a co-ordinated position on EU integration and immigration, etc.) In Babis’ government, the social democrats were the weak link: they have accepted the allegations of an historical story going back a decade where Russian diplomats were expelled from the Czech Republic over some explosion in a warehouse. This story has resurfaced as a recent scandal.  Now relations between Prague and Moscow have exploded. The Russophile base of the SD and Communist coalition has been antagonized, producing a division within Babis’ coalition. THEN the Pandora Papers’ information was released. So Babis loses, and does so in a way which brings in a pro-EU party. Thus the grouping of Orban, Duda and Babis has been shattered. So we can see this election as Babis and the Czech Republic having been ‘picked off’ in order to render a united EU opposition impossible.
  • RT story: the centre-right coalition has taken 27.69% of the vote, which is just a hair above Babis. But Milos Zeman, the 77 year old Czech president, a Russophile, promised Babis he could form a coalition government. THEN Zeman gets admitted into intensive care. Mercouris: Zeman is a very successful political ‘operator’.
  • The coalition now facing down Babis is not very cohesive and was only formed to bring Babis down. Zeman (if he survives) may still offer Babis an option to form a government. Yet it’s unlikely that Babis will be able to form a majority and thus a government.
  • In Hungary, which is facing an election next year, a similar thing is happening: there is a bizarre, cobbled-together coalition of the far left and fascists (real ones, historically) to bring down Orban for next year. And Babis – it’s just about worked in the Czech Republic, where Babis will likely be pushed out with Zeman ailing. Thus a pro-EU group takes over. It’s all been deftly done by pro-EU forces. Christoforou: similar to Italy, where Draghi is now in charge. Hungary and Poland are next. Poland’s recent legal decision put the Polish legal system above the EU’s. Austria is down, Czech Republic is pretty much out, then Hungary.
  • Mercouris: the Polish decision is radical. You cannot put EU law above the constitution of a sovereign country, which is what the Polish constitutional court has said. But the EU combine can’t accept this declaration of sovereignty by a member state. They will go full out against Poland. 80% of Poles still support EU membership, and did so historically as a move away from Russia. It’s also had a lot of financial support from the EU. So this is a limit on what the Polish govt can do. Poland’s economy has also boomed because of EU funds. Poland has been angling for 57 bn euros of support for pandemic relief. So the EU is now threatening to withhold that funding, which would damage its economy. Yet it’s not a foregone conclusion that Poland will fold; Poles have fought hard to achieve independence historically and its natural Catholic culture won’t easily accept the values of the EU. And Poland’s right-wing Law and Justice party, which raises the ire of the EU, has some tough characters in its ranks. So whether Poland will fold to the EU or not isn’t clear at this point.
  • And what happens in Poland before next April’s elections in Hungary may have a determining effect on Orban (pictured), as each of his supporting countries gets picked off. It’s not a foregone conclusion he will win.
  • If Poland folds to the EU, the EU Council may strip Hungary of its voting rights within the EU institutions. This is allowed by the Treaty of Lisbon. Previously Hungary could have counted on support from Austria, the Czech Republic and Poland. Without this support, Hungary will lose its rights. I

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