phish & chops?

Cod are found all around the UK, although being a cold-water species they are more common around in the autumn and winter, although some remain around the UK all year round, especially the smaller specimens. Like many species cod form into large, loose shoals when small but become solitary once they reach larger sizes. › cod

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How will the scarcity of cod fish affect the UK? It is expected that Norwegian fishing companies will increase their business to the UK, as cod can still be imported duty free from the EU, but there will not be enough supply for UK fish and chip shops.2 May 2021 › b…

Brexit continues to fail UK fishing industry – UK Customs Solutions

The devastating collapse of the once iconic Northern Atlantic cod fishery in the early 1990s remains one of the most globally recognized cases of overfishing. … Today, cod populations remain at low levels, with only a few populations showing signs of slow recovery. › fisheries

Overfishing – SeaChoice

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