Russian satellite state Belarus seems intent on creating a tragic incident on Poland’s eastern frontier

Poland Warns Major Shooting Incident Possible As Belarus Pushes Muslim Migrants Across Militarized Border

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For months Poland and other states which neighbor Belarus including Latvia and Lithuania have accused President Victor Lukashenko of intentionally sending thousands of migrants into the EU as political payback for Western sanctions and isolation measures targeting his government in Minsk,  forcing these border states to seal off and militarize key crossings.

Poland is now sounding the alarm amid reports that a large caravan of at least hundreds of migrants, believed to mostly be Middle Eastern and Muslim, are currently walking to its eastern border with Belarus. “Belarus wants to cause a major incident, preferably with shots fired and casualties,”Deputy Foreign Minister Piotr Wawrzyk has said in fresh statements given to Polish public radio.

Lukashenko’s government is accused of, in some cases, literally flying plane loads full of migrants to border towns, after which they are escorted and pushed by state security troops toward border crossings.

Last week Poland’s deputy prime minister Jaroslaw Kaczynski called what Belarus is doing a form of “hybrid warfare” on its border, flooding neighboring EU countries with Muslim migrants. Given that Poland’s defense ministry has freshly indicated that over 12,000 soldiers have now been deployed and stand “prepared to defend the Polish border”, along with a beefed up police and volunteer guards presence, there are fears of a major incident looming.

This as multiple social media videos over the last days show increasingly aggressive and provocative confrontations. Belarusian agents are accused of prodding people across barbed wire fences where they are met with armed Polish guards on the other side.

The size of the migrant caravans which are allowed to traverse Belarusian highways, most recently near the Bruzhi-Kuznica crossing, have increased…

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