Spotted whilst surfing….

During my younger and not so rich & successful days, I literally had this problem with my room-mates – and they used to do this simply because they were addicted to alcohol. Every single night, these 12 room-mates of mine would all come together and dance, drink and make merry. No matter what I did, said, told, requested for – nothing would work.

So finally, one day, getting fed up, I asked a girl-friend of mine to call the cops and let them know that there was something “illegal” going on in our apartment – to come and check it.

Guess what – the cops came, arrested all of us (me included) and then we ended up spending the night in Jail. Guess what – I was released but the boys who were ‘high’ were kept under probation for another 2 days under ‘suspicion’. And because they had enough and more alcohol in the apartment (in their room), they ended up paying fines (its not legal in the UAE) to have booze at home without a license.

Also, by some “strange coincidence” their respective offices where they worked for – their HR department – came to know that they were jailed for illegal alcohol consumption. And as a bonus – they got suspended from work for a month.

And then by some “strange coincidence” the landlord came to know of this incident and was very upset – and issued all these wonderful folks a ‘warning’ that if they wouldn’t stop this – they would all be thrown out.

After that – guess what – for some reason no one wanted to have “loud obnoxious parties” in the house. And we all lived happily ever after.

To this date, they still have no idea how those “strange coincidences” took place.

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