History repeats as Cruise ship has to make unscheduled stop in Lisboa

A cruise ship encounters a viral tsunami

A Cruise ship made an unplanned stop in Lisbon on December 29th… Due to a C0VlD outbreak among its fully v@cc!nated crew. Everyone ages 12 and up on board the boat… both guests and staff… were required to have had at least 2 doses of the v@cc!ne, as well as a negative C0VlD test before boarding. According to officials, no one aboard tested positive before the ship sailed… But soon afterward, 52 cases of C0VlD were reported among the staff. 
Clearly, the j@b isn’t working to prevent C0VlD. And for those who have been paying attention, that shouldn’t be surprising… After all, the shot was never able to prevent catching or spreading the virus. Instead, having a “fully v@cc!nated ship” seems to have given everyone a false sense of security. The cruise, which was supposed to travel to Madera for New Year’s Eve, was quickly canceled and passengers disembarked on Monday. Those who tested positive have been quarantined in hotels in Lisbon. As time goes on, it’s more and more apparent that v@cc!nation status has little to do with your chances of catching C0VlD.  Will this be a wake-up call for the powers that be when it comes to travel?  For example… will threats about those who are unv@cc!nated getting banned from air travel finally die down? Or, will they double-down and require multiple [useless] boosters in order to gain control over who gets to travel? Let’s hope that, as it becomes more and more clear that the v@cc!ne is not the panacea they promised it would be… Decisions will start to be made based on logic instead of on fear, hype, and lies. 

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