Thoughts on the NHS

At what juncture do we finally admit the NHS is actually broken and not merely ‘at breaking point’?

There are hundreds of hospital wards today with critically unsafe levels of staff – or bays of beds with no staff at all, Hospitals have been hovering just above such levels for years most winters and in the past three to five years, summers too, even before Covid. That’s why hospital waiting lists have topped 6 MILLION.

So many ‘critical incidents’ have been declared at hospitals today – the sort of thing that happens in the event of a major disaster on its doorstep – that the leftover fluff sent out to do the Govt’s media rounds this morning could not count them all.

This is what happens when you hate the NHS (and have done so since before it was founded) and underfunded it for a decade, ready to siphon off the best bits for your rich American mates.

The sick irony is that even the NHS’s biggest haters will have taken advantage of the service down the years at a time of need. Their families, too.

The only clapping we need now is that of certain people in irons.
And, if you see a health worker today, be nice to them.

Paul Fry

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