Taiwanese F16 missing


❗️F-16 Jet MISSING Near Taiwan

The Taiwanese Air Force has confirmed one of its F-16 fighter jets has gone missing off its west coast on Tuesday, as search and rescue operations continue.

The aircraft disappeared off radars 30 mins after leaving Chiayi Air Base for a training exercise. Rescue officials report some witnesses claiming they saw it crash. (Focus Taiwan)

The western support to Taiwan has further irked Beijing that considers the self-governing island as an inalienable part of the mainland and has pledged reunification. After Taiwan’s F-16 Viper crash yesterday, several questions are raised about possible China factors behind it.

According to commentators, the crash of one of Taiwan’s most advanced fighter jets during a routine rehearsal indicates issues with pilot training and fatigue from responding to frequent PLA sorties.

The F-16V pilot, Chen Yi had, reportedly turned on the speaker key throughout the flight, limiting his communication with air command, according to an initial assessment. Military analysts and air force veterans believe that he mistook the button for a slow-down key, the Taiwanese media reported.

F-16 Viper

Chinese intrusions into the Taiwanese Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ) have become a regular occurrence now. The unprovoked aggression has become an everyday phenomenon with an identical modus operandi

According to the air force, Chen, the missing pilot, had barely 300 hours of flight time, including 60 hours in the F-16V.

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