1943 Operation Gomorrah Germany’s Nagasaki….


It was also the first use of an innovative new technology that rendered radar all but useless.

Trails of light from incendiary bombs fill the skies over Hamburg
  • 30–31 May 1942 : First thousand-bomber raid, 1,047 aircraft dispatched in “Operation Millennium” against Cologne. This saw the first use of the “bomber stream” to overwhelm enemy radar and defences by flying in a narrow dense formation. Bomber Command recorded 868 bombers attacking the target with 1,455 tons of bombs. Over three thousand buildings were destroyed and another nine thousand damaged. Number of dead = ?
  • 1–2 June 1942 : Second thousand-bomber raid on Essen, 956 aircraft were dispatched but the target was obscured and bombing was not effective
  • 25–26 June 1942 : Third thousand-bomber raid on Bremen. Bomber Command assembled 960 aircraft including aircraft from No. 2 Group RAF‘s day bombing force to which RAF Coastal Command added 102 aircraft. The attack was spread across the Focke-Wulf factory, the A.G. Weser shipyard, the Deschimag shipyard, and an area attack on the town and docks. GEE radio navigation partially offset cloud cover over the target and just under 700 aircraft bombed Bremen.

Operation Gomorrah timeline 1943

  • 24-25 July: Night raid by about 790 RAF bombers. First use of Window
  • 25 July: Day raid by about 120 USAAF bombers
  • 26 July: Day raid by about 50 USAAF bombers
  • 27-28 July: Night raid by about 780 RAF bombers. Firestorm
  • 28 July: Evacuation of Hamburg ordered
  • 29-30 July: Night raid by about 770 RAF bombers. Second Firestorm
  • 2-3 August: Night raid by about 740 RAF Bombers, which were scattered by bad weather

Aftermath in the Eilbek district of Hamburg

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