Where Ukrainians are fighting Russian forces

March 15, 2022

Where Ukrainians are fighting Russian forces

While their advances have slowed in recent days, Russian forces continue to clash with Ukrainian defenses on multiple fronts. This map shows the active areas of fighting, according to a statement posted on Tuesday by Ukrainian military officials.

Occupied areas

Current fighting

taking refuge from shelling in metro

Detail area

Russian forces attempting

to advance on Kyiv from the

northeast have faced fighting

and disruptions.

There was fierce

fighting in Izium as

Russian troops

advanced from the

area around Kharkiv.


Bucha,Sumy Irpin,Overuch



Kryvyi Rih is

quite likely to be

one of Russia’s

next targets.Troops

have advanced

from Kherson.

Dnieper River,Izium,Dnipro,Kryvyi Rih

Polony,Melitopol,Mykolaiv,Mariupol ,Kherson, Berdiansk,Odessa

Source: Institute for the Study of War with American Enterprise Institute’s Critical Threats Project (Russian-occupied areas) Note: Occupied areas are as of 3 p.m. Eastern on March 15. Russian forces in eastern Ukraine include Russian-backed separatists.

The New York Times

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