Ukraine’s stubborn Granny army

The saying is History repeats itself.Since the full on Russian invasion we hear reports of late teens being drafted on both sides (Hitler youth,Volksturm, Dad’s Army etc)

Ukraine has the world’s highest proportion of elderly affected by war. The ongoing conflict has a staggering human toll on the elderly. 3.4 million people depend on humanitarian assistance, and one third of those people are over 60 years old.(But these are real and living people)

Ukraine: Older people face abandonment and isolation as conflict with Russia intensifies


More than two million older people in the east of Ukraine are at extreme risk as a result of the Russian assault on the country, which will devastate the lives of millions of people.

Older people are often unable to flee from conflict and are left alone without family or their wider community. They are isolated, without loved ones and cut off from support, including access to medicine and food. They are particularly exposed when violence breaks out, as they may not be able to shelter from danger.

Ekaterina, 70, Ukraine

“I live on the line of contact, where they shoot almost every day. The shelling is what worries me the most. What if they hit the house, and blast the windows, roof, doors out? Who will help me?

“If the war starts and they shoot hard, I will go down to the basement. There are safe places in the village, but first you need to get there, and it may not be safe.”

The words of Ekaterina, a seventy-year-old woman living in eastern Ukraine.

Similar tale of woe and ‘Glory’?

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