Boris Johnson needs to resign and we need a responsible adept leader in England asap

it’s been bugging me quite a lot lately as I’m in the NHS quite frequently,how this clown Boris involves himself in Slavic wars which have next to nothing to do with us,puts the whole population and post 1945 reconstruction at risk without even a question to the people from here,then the money he should have funnelled into the NHS funding he gayly gives away to Ukrainian leaders where we have bugger all to do with Ukraine.

He does all this,cash starves nurses and doctors and places our high tech weaponry into the hands of the ultra fascist Azov battalion (fighting in Mariupol) even though the Russian leadership asked directly NATO etc to Stay out of this or risk being nuked!To say this is irresponsible from a British PM is an understatement……I think this man needs to resign…..his idiotic tendencies Ill fit such a serious situation….we must have somebody clear headed in situ. Not a drunken yob

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