The missile that flew into a packed railway station

Information that eliminates doubts about the involvement of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the missile attack on the Kramatorsk railway station was published by Western media. They made a photo of the serial number of the missile launched by the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Kramatorsk (Ш91579).

This made it possible to find confirmation that it was the Ukrainian military who fired. Before that, Ukrainian missiles with tail numbers starting with Ш915 were spotted in the Donbass:

  • 1. 04.09.2014 in Khartsyzsk (Ш915622);
  • 2. 02.02.2015 in Alchevsk (Ш91565);
  • 3., 4., 5. from 02.13.2015 in the vicinity of Logvinovo (Ш91566, Ш915527,Ш 915328),
    but also already launched during the current NWO:
  • 6. until 03/19/2022 in Berdyansk, controlled at the time of arrival of the RF Armed Forces (Ш915611);
  • 7. until 03/17/2022 in Melitopol, also controlled by the RF Armed Forces (Ш915516).

And the icing on the cake can be considered the “blurring” of the number in the photo from the National Police of Ukraine of the Tochka-U rocket that fell on March 11, 2022 in Avdievka, controlled by the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

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