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Dim the light, it hurts my eyes
it scars my skin and shatters my lies
fold the blinds, let’s stay inside

Take my hand, I’ll give you strength
come with me, we’ll make our way
through the light
into the night

Welcome to my world
it’s calm and cold
Welcome to my soul
it’s withered and old

Welcome to my mind
tread lightly and slow
Welcome to my love
touch it and make it grow

We belong to this, this protected room
the world outside is for the ones
that’s not afraid to lose

So take my hand, you are invited in
Share my darkness and my lusts
I’m filled to the brim

Source: LyricFind

Songwriters: Avril Lavigne / Clif Magness

My World lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Universal Music Publishing Group

Colony 5 are a….

futurepop/synthpop/EBM band founded in March 1999. P–O Svensson started the band as a hobby with Magnus Löfdahl. The music style has changed with group membership and their sound became more consistent. They have toured through Europe – Denmark, Russia, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Switzerland, Poland, Norway, Estonia as well as the United States, and Mexico.

14 December 2007 Colony 5 released the first single from their then-upcoming full-length album, Buried Again.[1] The “Knives” MCD showed off a harder sound as a first taste of what the album would sound like. Buried Again was released in February 2008 on Memento Materia for Scandinavia, Infacted for Germany and ArtOfFact in the USA.

Hard at it (before tea break)

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