Nationwide goes wobbly day after Easter

Nationwide down as debit card payments DECLINED in shops and online

Nationwide had confirmed a “small number” of debit card payments were being incorrectly declined online and in shops. Customers of the building society had been complaining this afternoon

Nationwide users are complaining about debit card issues

Nationwide users are complaining about debit card issues 

customers were left furious this afternoon after their debit card payments were declined in shops and online.

Some users said their bank account balance wasn’t being updated, while others said they couldn’t use an ATM.

Outage tracker DownDetector showed the technical glitch started around 1pm today. According to its breakdown, most of the complaints (43%) were to do with online banking.

Some 32% of people had trouble with transferring funds, while 25% complained about mobile banking.

In a tweet to Nationwide earlier today, one customer said: “Is there problems with account balances? I made a purchase but the money in still in my account and hasn’t been taken.”

Another said: “I am trying to make a withdrawal from my Sky betting account to my Nationwide account its not going through.”


Is this the start of a preplanned “run on the banks” by the Cabal?

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