Observation-the changing nature of the Health service in UK in past 30 years

It seems the situation in the Capital with the NHS has changed.I am given to understand that many of our NHS staff have quit following the covid saga,they probably didn’t want to but couldn’t stand it anymore.So covid has broken the back of our health service.

The other situation is that 20 years ago many things were under control and the situation almost stable,I talk about GP surgeries and local hospitals.Now it seems both lunge and lurch from crisis to crisis.(Incidentally in the same way our Metro police service is understaffed and therefore overstretched) I’m sure ,almost certain,most people are doing their best but up against a callous Government keen (for their own greedy money purposes) to underfund, understaff them (all this going on whilst our ‘leaders’ hand expensive weapons to far right Nazi groups!).

In addition to all this if in the East the crisis was “Not worth the healthy bones of a single Pomeranian grenadier” what has changed ,why a British ‘leader’ dash off to Poland,be seen in the Ukraine (of all places,what on Earth does Ukraine have to do with the UK really.That is not and never has been our zone.Just because ultra rich individuals see Ukraine as a tool for getting at the non compliant Russia,a thorn in the side of sick American warring foreign policies,does that mean we should make the same I’ll advised leap into the unknown too?)

Possibly the main point to make, besides the quite obvious disgust at the Tories led by Boris Johnson,is that the nature of doctoring has changed they are now like quite scared species lurching crisis to unknown crisis and expected to fix.25 years back in situations more orderly they were able to lift up their heads and look ahead,scanning for future forthcoming possibilities (Similar to the way airline pilots study their radar and flight conditions far ahead en route).

All this has changed….the NHS is broken,recognize it live with it!
One last point where is the Parliamentary opposition to all this Mr Keir Starmer? Or do you go along with all this like an establishment stooge?
Over and out.

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