America and Britain are “one and the same” which is why they are such good pals

It’s becoming clearer to me that the horrors that fell upon (some of) us in our mid twenties ,the dagger thrust in our side by the Thatcher government, was merely the colonial class being forced back into Britain (from whence they came) to treat people in the same cruel manner that they had been dishing out “in the Empire” they finally turned upon us to enrich and engorge themselves.

British fighting in Lucknow,India 1850’s

In the same way (although I know much less about this for I am not American) the Americans gov and military arbitarily now abusing citizens in Vietnam,Iraq,Afghanistan,Syria,Libya are in many and most cases venting the wrath (maybe with somewhat more military might) of the rough way they treat their own lower classes back in America.

Drafted American GI’s fighting in jungles and swamps of Vietnam 1960’s
Wouldn’t fancy his chances….

Makes sense doesn’t it…..which is maybe why the pugilists have to now cart off Assange (even though he maybe rather foolishly exposed them) to take more years from him and his family than the decade plus they have already taken.Whats the “takeaway” here,American and British elites are one and the same,singing from the same songsheet and definitely NOT to be trusted.(You only need to look at the casualty count in Belfast and subsequently American drafters in Vietnam to find that out) .Who wants to be a hero? Die for King and country…have your name chiselled into a monolith at relevant villages….or die for some obscure American corporation like Raytheon in the industrial complex.

Nuts to them….rise up!

Vietnamese terrified

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