Russians have encircled the Azov steelworks

About 4,000 Azov Battalion soldiers huddled in the underground structure within 20 kilometers of the steel plant: how Russia broke the situation…

Russian-Ukrainian conflict has been going on for more than 40 days. However, the remnants of the Azov battalion extremists entrenched in the steel factory, and about 4,000 people, are huddled in the underground structure of the steel factory that stretches for 15-20 kilometers. Then there’s nothing they can do.

About 4,000 Azov Battalion soldiers huddled in the underground structure within 20 kilometers of the steel camp.Azov camp extremists “Cunning Rabbit Three Caves”Some people say that this is easy, blocking the exit of the underground structure, they have nothing to eat or drink, they will come out naturally. The truth is not that simple.We have lived experience in a steel plant. The pipeline structure is too complicated, and we don’t know where there are exits. Unless we get the drawings of the original construction of the steel plant, people who are not familiar with the geography seem to have entered an underground labyrinth. . What’s more, the Ukrainian steel plant, when it was built, can be used to defend against war and Azov Battalion soldiers huddled in the underground structure . There may be well-trained NATO officials in the underground structure who are behind the scenes.It is reported that more than 20 NATO military commanders were besieged in the Azov steel plant, including Lieutenant General Roger Corutier , commander of the NATO Army Command. If the news is true, the Russian coalition may be in the steel plant network. From the perspective of the Ukrainian army sending helicopters to the Azov Steel Plant to evacuate fighters several times, there are indeed very important people in it: According to the latest battle report released by the Russian Ministry of Defense, on April 5, two more Mi-8 helicopters of the Ukrainian army trying to break into the city of Mariupol were shot down by the Russian coalition man-portable air defense missiles. Some people think that the Azov battalion itself is not under the control of the Ukrainian government. The Ukrainian government has no need to push the scarce Mi-8 helicopters into the fire pit in order to rescue the senior commander of the Azov battalion. important person.The Azov extremists have always committed all kinds of evils, killing innocent people indiscriminately. They also know that they will not end well, so they resist stubbornly, have strong fighting ability and firm will to fight. Coupled with the secret assistance of NATO, it is true that it will not be able to attack in a short However, the Russian ordinary soldiers responsible for the attack on the city of Mariupol are more optimistic about this.When asked how to get out the Ukrainian army hiding in the basement?A Russian soldier told reporters, “It would be better if they surrendered. But these people are not going to surrender. Rockets. . there is a lot of water. Submerge them, which is more or less human. No need for right away, give them a chance and let them swim out. Other methods I don’t even want to describe, like they might be hot & smoky . This It’s up to the military chemists to decide. But God will save us from going in the basement.”Although the odds of breaking through the siege were low, the Azov battalion at the Mariupol Steel Works was still waiting for help, and there were also a large number of civilians.In fact, the Russian army has nothing to do except surround it! Perhaps it was precisely because the warring parties in Mariupol were so much at a stalemate that the Russian army shrank its forces in the west, implemented a strategic shift, and concentrated its superior forces to deal with the remnants of the Azov battalion.The 35th and 36th armies and the 2nd army in eastern Sumy have all withdrawn to Belarus and Russia. At present, there is no sign of large-scale Russian military activities in northern Ukraine.However , the fierce fighting in the Ukrainian area continued. With the assistance of the Russian army, the militias in Donetsk and Luhansk have recaptured most of the land from the Ukrainian army, and the surrounding Mariupol .The battle for the city is drawing to a close, and the goal of de-Nazification by the Russian coalition is about to be achieved.About 4,000 Azov Battalion soldiers huddled in the underground structure within 20 kilometers of the steel plant: FAB-3000-M46 has been taken out and is on its way to MariupolFAB-3000-M46 , this one is specially designed for combating industrial facilities, dams, and underground structures. The mass of the bomb is 3000 kg and the explosive is 1400 kg. The Tu-22M3 long-range supersonic bomber is the only carrier of this designated munition. About 4,000 Azov Battalion soldiers huddled in the underground structure within 20 kilometers of the steel plant: how Russia broke the situation

Within a 100-meter radius of lethal damage, the glass for several kilometers around the shock wave must be shattered. In 1945, the Soviet Army had an airborne soldier injured a Panther A, and asked to see the self-propelled artillery regiment use the isu152 to play the Black Panther, and then the shock wave shattered the glass in several streets and was injured. Afterwards, the German recruits ran as fast as they could when they heard the sound of isu152’s cannon.Some netizens who are familiar with weapons said that the legacy of the former Soviet Union is equivalent to the big Chunlei (Booming Thunder) that we played when we were children. Epilogue

Burning, flooding, smoking, penetrating bombs… It seems that the Russian army chose bombing. Maybe this is the only way, maybe the best way. In short, the method of sitting outside and waiting is not advisable. The Russian army cannot afford to wait and cannot afford to spend it. Every day the war is delayed, the variables will increase. Pray for peace to come one day sooner!——The end ——ultimate American strategy!Dissolve the EU, retain NATO “Moscow” sinks, will Russia buy warships from china?

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