The Truth is very liberating but it hurts those who speak and promote it,as Jesus found out to his cost 2000 years ago

Counter Markets NewsletterView in browserHey Reader,”The orchestrators and lackeys of The Great Reset – and its adjunct The Great Narrative – know full well that our internet-connected lives make it much easier to construct a reality of their choosing.
It’s hardly a secret, then, why censorship has ramped up to such absurd levels as they play Whac-A-Mole with any and all perceived threats to what they are building.
Doctors, scientists, teachers, military members, you name it, they’ve all got to be silenced.
British author David Icke is of course no stranger to being canceled; in fact, he’s been dealing with censorship far longer than nearly anyone else.
His experience alone makes him a sound authority on all forms of hysteria, as he has been labeled
everything short of Satan incarnate, and perhaps some even think that as well.
Icke explains that human behavior is dictated by the perceptions people have, which comes from the information they have access to.
So, through censorship by the government, corporate media, and Big Tech, most people were denied access to the vital information they needed about COVID. Only people who have jumped through the necessary hoops to access alternative information have received any semblance of a balanced view beyond the gaslighting rolled out by establishment media.
In his latest interview with Brian Rose, Icke explains how people are herded into two major groups by exploiting psychological tendencies, making them responsible for every tyranny in history.
However, there is the third group upon which responsibility has fallen to end every tyranny in history.
Icke explains that this group is provably growing now as more people wake up.
He says, “What is happening today is extraordinary!”
Icke explains what to expect next in ROSE/ICKE 6: THE VINDICATION:
‘Rose/Icke 6 is the final episode of a six-part series that started with the broadcast of Rose/Icke on March 18th, 2020 during the early days of the pandemic when the world was paralyzed by fear.
That first episode would go on to be watched worldwide over 20 million times and was followed up with our broadcast of Rose/Icke 2 on April 6th, the second largest YouTube livestream in the world that day with over 65,000 concurrent viewers.
30 minutes later, that episode, which would have become the most watched video podcast in human history, was deleted and banned from YouTube and started London Real’s famous fight for Freedom of Speech against every major technology platform in the world.
We were banned, censored, deplatformed, defamed, intimidated, hacked, and shut down by every major payment provider, software company, mainstream media organization, government regulator, and social media platform.

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