Thought for the day

Sometimes I hate the people that ‘lead’ America….not the people the twats at the top.

While we sit here in London hoping/praying not to be nuked cos we know we been on Russia’s target list many years now….if the Russian leader says warning the West these idiots unauthorized by the people,not mandated or designated by the people then go and do it!

So called ‘Senior’ Americans,’senior’ British,’senior’ Germans (often bought and compromised illuminati and cabal place men)”senior” Swedes and Finn’s they’re all at it…..pouring parafin onto a fire that could well scorch us.And these people are supposedly intelligent?

Our GSD had more brain than to do basically stupid stuff like that…..why are the people so passive in the face of manoeuvres that could bring about their own destruction….it’s all starting to remind one of 1939-45 and why often people did nothing……and only the brave (or mad) did something!

I was inside Russia in 1986 for a very brief time in Moscow and Leningrad,I was also inside East Berlin (alone) in 1977.The way the West now is remind me of the Soviet Union days,and DDR days ….we’ve gone through the looking glass,now it’s us who live in fear of our “masters”.

And who are these Masters exactly who we should live in fear of…..that’s a good question isn’t it?

There appears to be a disconnect between diplomacy and the manoeuvres of these power blocs and their armies with the common folk playing out their lives (maybe playing is the wrong word,living out their lives) getting in shopping,going to the store,having lunch going to work etc etc.I know life must go on…but please think of your children,think of your loved ones.You won’t be able to do much in a camp except try to tunnel out and spit at the guards…..where is our fight? Where is your fight? Evaluate it and determine to do something.

Clearly the western world is no democracy anymore.(even though they bang the war drum and that we are-this is almost exactly the situation before the invasion of Iraq)…

The West with its oft harsh citizen police forces,being bamboozled each and every day by media propoganda (just like Orwell showed us) too scared to speak out or organise a strike.Just to sit and wait….

Mass arrests are supposed to be coming maybe then “people of conscience” will become partisans joining the “Resistance” made up of David Icke,infowars,Fulford etc etc and countless other websites and orgs selling stuff for the big bug out.

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