Seems like propaganda?

In Vasylivka, the Russian military held a man, a member of the Ukrainian Anti-Terrorist Operation, in a cell for 12 days, tortured, shocked, cut off a finger and broke four ribs, — reports the Defense Forces of the Zaporizhzhia Territory.

According to a statement given by The Defence Forces of the  Zaporizhzhia regional territory on, the Russian military in Vasylivka held a Ukrainian ATO (Anti-Terrorist Operation) participant captive for almost two weeks. The occupants tortured the man using harsh methods, which resulted in his injuries, as reported by, on Thursday, 28, April.

The man was reportedly tortured by Russian soldiers who beat the man, shocked him with an electric current, cut off one of his fingers and broke four of his ribs. Reports state that a 16-year-old boy is still a captive of the Russian soldiers who tortured the man. This was reported by the Zaporizhzhia regional military administration, who added that local government officials are in communication with the relevant military authorities to mobilise men and take action following the incident.

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