Globalists Falling Apart – Lyndon La Rouche

Week № 19 – Globalists Falling Apart, Saving the Next Generation from Drugs, James Fenimore Cooper, and More

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LaRouchePAC Weekly № 19A weekly roundup of news, culture, and organizing from LaRouchePAC

Globalist System is Failing Fast—What Will Replace It?
Monday Strategic Overview with Michael Steger

Its clear that this entire globalist system is failing fast and hard, and as the globalist’s Potemkin village starts to crumble, the bankers’ Federal Reserve can only play money games, while our miserable old Joe tries to conduct WWIII from a convalescent home. If it weren’t for the deterrent effect of nuclear weapons, we would be in a world war already, if only to satisfy the globalists’ rage for failing in every aspect of society.But we aren’t. We are in the middle of the greatest patriotic political movement in 200 years, and it’s only growing faster. Yes, people are scared, while others are just trying to ignore the news to minimize the pain, but the potential to take our nation back and restore the true United States is greater than ever. Listen to Mike’s opening

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