Soviet (bad) days return to Moscow

one cant help but feel a little sorry for them


‘We’re going back to a USSR’: long queues return for Russian shoppers as sanctions bite

After an hour and a half queuing for sugar, or worse still fighting for it in a market, Russians are feeling the effect of shortages caused by an unprecedented cutoff from the world.

The lines for sugar in Saratov were hard not to compare to the Soviet era, part of a recent run on Russian staples that have revived fears that the Kremlin’s invasion in Ukraine will lead to a virtual slide back to the shortages or endless queues of the Soviet Union.

Bags of sugar and buckwheat began disappearing from local markets in early March, just a week after Russia launched its invasion of Ukraine. And when the local mayor’s office announced that it would hold special markets for people to buy the staples last week, hundreds showed up.

Saratov population of 837,900 858 kilometres (533 mi) southeast of Moscow.

Millions of Russian citizens are already feeling the fallout of their nation’s invasion of neighbouring Ukraine, with lengthy queues forming outside banks as people scramble to withdraw money. 

As missiles and shells rained down on Kyiv and Kharkiv, Muscovites were seen standing in huge queues reminiscent of the bread and meat lines of the Soviet Union while the rouble plunged to its lowest-ever levels. 

Russian economy into freefall as the rouble dropped 30 per cent against the dollar, forcing the central bank to raise interest rates to 20 per cent yesterday while regulators refused to open the Moscow stock exchange this morning.  

‘I feel like I’m back in the USSR,’ admitted Anatoly, 46, a space scientist, as he stood stoically at place number 152 in queue for a hole-in-the-wall cash machine supposedly dispensing prized euros and dollars.

He was in a gleaming Putin-era shopping mall, redolent of anywhere in the West, and one of hundreds around modern Russia.

But he said: ‘It feels like the old Soviet queue for shoes or sausage, when we were cut off completely from the West. Have we learned nothing?’

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