Russia may bolster troops on its border with Finland after Turkey blocked its bid to join NATO, an expert has warned.


EXCLUSIVE: Russia may put troops on Finnish border after Turkey blocks NATO bid, expert warns

International relations expert Dr Samuel Ramani says Turkey’s move to block the Nordic nations from joining NATO may act as fuel for Russia President Vladimir Putin’s hatred of the alliance;desc_url:;oid:27011301;token:undefined;videoTitle:UnVzc2lhOiBQdXRpbiBzYXlzIGV4cGFuc2lvbiBvZiBOQVRPIGlzIGEgJ3Byb2JsZW0n;safetyMeta:3;tags:russia-ukraine-war,ukraine,turkey,recep-tayyip-erdogan,vladimir-putin;mantis:Default-GREEN%2CTesco-RED%2CCOVID19-GREEN%2CCOVIDSafe-GREEN%2CJandJ-GREEN%2CGambling-GREEN%2CNestl%C3%A9-RED%2CNestl%C3%A9Cereals-RED%2CGovernment-RED%2CMagna-GREEN%2CGovtdv-RED%2COmnicomdv-RED%2CLNERdv-RED%2CVW-RED%2CSEAT-GREEN%2CNestleTopics-RED%2COmnicomIAS-RED%2CUber-AMBER%2CHeineken-RED%2CAvanti-GREEN%2CDiageo-RED%2CTSB-GREEN%2CCamelot_aden-GREEN%2CFacebook_aden-RED%2CAmazonBF_aden-GREEN%2CShelter_aden-GREEN%2CFireBS_aden-GREEN%2CGroupM_kw-RED%2CAerLingus_kw-RED%2Ccelebrity_news_aden-GREEN%2CTUI_aden-GREEN%2CGovtCCS_aden-RED%2CGroupM_aden-RED%2Cukraine_aden-RED%2Cwar_aden-GREEN%2CRedOg-GREEN%2CDiageoGlobal-RED%2CAgencyMasterBS-RED%2Csentiment-negative%2Cjoy-low%2Cfear-low%2Canger-low%2Cdisgust-low%2Csadness-medium;mantisContext:law_govt_politics%2Carmed_forces%2Cpolitics%2Cgovernment%2Cheads_of_state%2Cparliament%2Cpolitics_bespoke;iabContext:386&service=ampVideo&region=nationals&publication=mirror&ga=UA-110513849-1#amp=1

  • By Rachel Hagan
  • 16:35, 19 May 2022UPDATED16:39, 19 May 2022

Russia may bolster troops on its border with Finland after Turkey blocked its bid to join NATO, an expert has warned.

Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan blocking Sweden and Finland from joining the alliance may lead to Russian President Vladimir Putin building up troops on the border.

In a shock move, President Erdogan confirmed his decision to block Finland and Sweden’s decision to join NATO.

He said Sweden should not expect Turkey to approve its bid without returning people it deems terrorists harboured by the two countries – namely the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) militant group.

Dr Samuel Ramani, an international relations expert at Oxford University and Royal United Services Institute for Defence and Security Studies, has said that Russia is probably “pretty happy” with Turkey.

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