More than this

Listen to Solar Fake – More Than This by xmarx272 on #SoundCloud

I find it quite interesting that the prominent German bands often sing in English -why?

Listen to Dance Or Die – Dance Or Die (Solitary Experiments Remix) by and272 on #SoundCloud

Sven Friedrich, who comes from East Berlin, has received music lessons in classical guitar, piano and finally drums and jazz and pop singing at the Friedrichshain Music School from Leonore Gendries and Catrin Daniel since he was 7 years old. As early as 1988 Sven Friedrich played in various bands as a drummer, guitarist or keyboardist. From 1990 he sang for the first time in a band called “The Nuisance”. Due to several line-up changes and confusion about the band name, which was already used by a British punk band , the name was changed in 1993 to Dreadful Shadows . In 2001 Friedrich founded the band Zeraphine and finally in 2007 Solar Fake .

With the “Dreadful Shadows” he promoted the connection between electronic music and rock / metal and influenced the Dreadful Shadows, which have stagnated in Gothic Rock since the early 90s .

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