Mohamed Morsi-victim of Egyptian injustice died having won an election with 51% of the vote.But he was unprepared for this destiny

Morsi’s first day in court, on November 4, 2013. Journalists weren’t allowed to bring cell phones, cameras, or audio recorders, but I still recall the sound of the deposed President’s voice.

He had refused to wear the traditional white garb of a prisoner, and he held his head high and repeatedly interrupted the proceedings.

Over and over, he bellowed, “Ana ra’is al-gomhoriyya! Ana ra’is al-gomhoriyya!” (“I am the President of the Republic! I am the President of the Republic!”) He was contained in a metal cage, and Egyptian journalists taunted him by shouting through the bars, “E‘dam, e‘dam!” (“Death penalty, death penalty!”)

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