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Transparent LogoBlogfactory ,founded in the winter of 2014 in London, England,found its burning goal to bring Truth in a time of  great deception and ‘newspeak’.Alternative news for you,  allowing you to let off steam, have your say.

Initially an informed group of journalists who understood well the marketplace & dynamics of publishing,intent on bringing to the fore rumours, factual stories,intrigues and opinions that were swirling in the day.Scandals or realisations that the team felt hadn’t received enough air or had been both neglected or (even) suppressed by Facebook and the mainstream media.

The online magazine blogfactory from its base in London,England received in excess of 4 million hits worldwide between 2015-2021. As a consequence of its stunning success especially in the USA ‘somebody’ got very busy trying to take this (our) website down attempting to destroy it’s readership and reach. So much for free speech in the 21st Century !

It’s “smooth and edgy …..

After “the persecution” Blogfactory consequently regrouped and reformed  later in 2017 with great assistance and blessed encouragement from friendly free thinking radicals within  Portugal. The good people of the United States of America and ‘pink map’ countries once again being  it’s leading commentators and clientele.

In many ways ahead of its time a  collage of current public opinions amassed with analysis of current and significant world’s events and developments, combined with informed opinions  it depicts   the Global economic,social and political trends and back drop  of its  time.

Blogfactory is a current affairs blog that aggregates news and media presenting opinions from original and alternative sources. It reports on world events and affairs ,economics,politics and the military sector and is credited with bringing an abundant knowledge of the military, especially Tanks! It condemns this modern form of low wage slavery- power to the people!

We are pleased to add Blogfactory.co.uk is now read all over the World in many important countries,it’s still building up, and has spawned many imitators.

So please dont be shy.…….comment and comment….. even (via the contact page)  contribute in any meaningful and  reasonable way.

The Editor


Blogfactory conceived in 2014 by DF a marketing wizard .Online digital magazine blogfactory began operations from a base in Greater London,England. Blogfactory was destined to receive in excess of 4 million hits worldwide between 2015-2021. As a consequence of its stunning success (especially in the USA) .A further 800,000 views were added in 2021-2022

Avante !! Onwards and Upwards!!

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