Russians finally capture Lysychansk

Latest Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment 38 minutes ago Details Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment Kateryna Stepanenko, Karolina Hird, Frederick W. Kagan, and George BarrosJuly 2, 6:45 pm ETClick here to see ISW’s interactive map of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. This map is updated daily alongside the static maps present in this report.Ukrainian forces likely conducted a deliberate withdrawalContinue reading “Russians finally capture Lysychansk”

Germans worry bout their wirts haft wunder

The war in Ukraine and inflation have Germans concerned about their standard of living. Those who have the least are likely to suffer the most. Stroll through Berlin’s most Instagrammable neighborhoods and you might not know that inflation is rising, costs are soaring, and the largest war in Europe since World War Two is unfolding just twoContinue reading “Germans worry bout their wirts haft wunder”