Shameless Tories use food banks for photo opportunities while plunging Britain into poverty

Anyone who wants to pose for tory photo shoots must be seriously misguided or very badly informed


Kurdish-led fighters take last Isis town in Syria

I dont know what the deal is here, America creates ISIS like it created Al q. It says its ‘fighting’ isis but is often caught resupplying them (or helping them get out of a jam).Then the kurds do a lot of good work east of the Euphrates and south of the Turkish border taking lands (and the kurds partly sponsored by america), then in wades a renegade nato ally when the bullets have stopped flying and says they have a ‘terrorist’ problem with the PKK or YPG and will ‘invade east of euphrates’, and what does Syria say to all this (who shelled the turkish army back yesterday)

Nothing against Turkey at all, but thats how it seems to be to me.

Anyone who reads military history would say we have relaxed, at the wrong time (but there never really is a ‘right time’), as this global depression and Syria and other wars just krep chugging on and on endlessly, before you know it one third of your life has gone by like this.

Damn the 0.01% elite! Damn the bankers! Damn US foreign policy and the zions!Damn the european powers gor alowing all this to go on, on their doorstep!