The air war in the skies above Syria

The complexity of air war in Syria (American viewpoint) The U.S. pilot who shot down a Syrian regime attack jet earlier in June apparently  attempted a series of aerial maneuvers to warn the Syrian pilot away from attacking a U.S.-backed ground force. It was only after the Syrian ignored the warnings, which also included droppingContinue reading “The air war in the skies above Syria”

Spanish Government Files Legal Bid to Halt Catalan Referendum

MADRID (Reuters) – Spain’s government has lodged a legal bid to stop Catalonia holding an independence referendum, asking the Constitutional Court to veto moves by the regional assembly, Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy said on Friday.   “There will not be any referendum on Oct. 1,” Rajoy told a news conference in Madrid after his weeklyContinue reading “Spanish Government Files Legal Bid to Halt Catalan Referendum”

EU announces new emergency support for Greek refugee crisis

July 27, 2017 ATHENS, Greece (AP) — The European Commission announced a new emergency support package for Greece Thursday to help it deal with the refugee crisis that has seen tens of thousands of migrants and refugees stuck in the country. The €209 million-euro ($243 million) package includes a 151 million-euro program to help refugeeContinue reading “EU announces new emergency support for Greek refugee crisis”

Dunkirk (2017 Film Review)

Things We Can Tell You About Christopher Nolan’s Film (Without Totally Spoiling It) © Warner BrosChristopher Nolan’s ‘Dunkirk’ is easily one of 2017’s most hotly-anticipated films and finallythe day of its UK cinema debut is almost here. It stars Tom Hardy, Sir Kenneth Branagh, Sir Mark Rylance and Cillian Murphy alongside a host of breakthrough actors – yes,Continue reading “Dunkirk (2017 Film Review)”

Flydubai FZ981 flight deck co-pilot was fatigued, but under ‘tremendous pressure’ to go to work

Flydubai has  pushed the boundaries of sensible operating policy, a pilot purporting to work for the airline told RT. He says it encourages not reporting illness or fatigue, as was allegedly also the case with the crashed flight’s pilot Alejandro Alava. . After the crash of low-cost carrier Flydubai’s flight FZ981 in Rostov-on-Don last year,Continue reading “Flydubai FZ981 flight deck co-pilot was fatigued, but under ‘tremendous pressure’ to go to work”

Unaccompanied child removed from ‘overbooked’ EasyJet flight from Gatwick

A 15-year-old boy was left at an airport departure lounge after reportedly being removed from an overbooked flight. Casper Read, from West Sussex, boarded flight EZY833 from Gatwick on Thursday morning to meet his grandparents in Toulouse. The teenager texted his mother to say he was safely onboard shortly before another passenger claimed the seat andContinue reading “Unaccompanied child removed from ‘overbooked’ EasyJet flight from Gatwick”

Did this cool headed submarine Commander save your life?

Temperament matters. Especially when nuclear weapons are involved. you don’t—you can’t—know what the enemy is up to, and you’re scared. Then it helps (it helps a lot) to be calm.   The world owes an enormous debt to a quiet, steady Russian naval officer who probably saved my life. And yours. And everyone you know.Continue reading “Did this cool headed submarine Commander save your life?”

Portugal burns (again) in deadly forest fires

Macao (Portugal) (AFP) – Forest fires raged in the early hours of Thursday in central Portugal, cutting off roads and forcing thousands to flee just a month after deadly blazes left more than 60 people dead. The biggest blaze was in Serta, in the Castelo Branco region, where more than a quarter of the country’sContinue reading “Portugal burns (again) in deadly forest fires”

Divided Britain:Public Attitudes after seven years of austerity

Economic instability and the class divide The British economy has experienced considerable stress and change in recent years and we might expect this to have affected how we think about class and our place in society. It seems that it has. We find that British people believe that there is a wide gulf between peopleContinue reading “Divided Britain:Public Attitudes after seven years of austerity”

Syrian army advances against Daesh in Raqqah

Syrian government forces and their allies have advanced against Daesh Takfiri terrorists in the countryside east of Raqqah City, a monitoring group says. On Thursday, the Syrian forces advanced four kilometers (2.5 miles) within the town of Maadan and crossed the provincial boundary between Raqqah Province, the de facto capital of the Daesh terrorist groupContinue reading “Syrian army advances against Daesh in Raqqah”