Islamist gunmen who stormed Mogadishu hotel posed as intelligence officers

A group of Islamist gunmen who stormed a well-known hotel in the Somali capital on Saturday, killing and wounding dozens, convincingly posed as officers of the country’s intelligence agency, according to officials. The attack began when a truck was driven in broad daylight through the front gate of Naso-Hablod, a hotel located a few blocksContinue reading “Islamist gunmen who stormed Mogadishu hotel posed as intelligence officers”

Bitcoin smashes another record, breaking through $6,300

The price of bitcoin, the world’s most popular digital currency, has rallied over 500 percent this year hitting another all-time high late Sunday of $6,306.58. . The new high was reached just ten days after the first breach of the $6,300 threshold. The virtual currency retreated slightly on Monday, trading at $6,195.50 at 11:35am GMT.Continue reading “Bitcoin smashes another record, breaking through $6,300”

Germany and Russia are interested to heal their differences , maybe even co~operate?

The visit to Moscow this week by German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier heralds a growing rapprochement between the two countries. That’s not just good news for bilateral business ties. It is key to unlocking the dangerous East-West crisis. . “I‘m convinced we need to resist the alienation that has grown up between our countries in recentContinue reading “Germany and Russia are interested to heal their differences , maybe even co~operate?”

Iraq to deploy soldiers to key Kurdistan border

Members of the Iraqi Federal Police force are going to be deployed to a key border crossing in the country’s semi-autonomous Kurdistan region after Iraqi government forces and Kurdish Peshmerga fighters reached an agreement in a bid to resolve a conflict about control of border crossings. An Iraqi government source, speaking on condition of anonymity, toldContinue reading “Iraq to deploy soldiers to key Kurdistan border”

UK sacks 9 nuclear submarine personnel for drugs use

UK Royal Navy has discharged nine military personnel on board of a nuclear submarine after they tested positive for using drugs. The servicemen received the boot after failing compulsory drug tests on HMS Vigilant — one of Britain’s four nuclear submarines equipped with US-made Trident nuclear missiles. The navy said in a statement that itContinue reading “UK sacks 9 nuclear submarine personnel for drugs use”

North Korea drops propaganda leaflets over Seoul calling Trump ‘mentally ill’

North Korea has dropped insulting messages about US President Donald Trump over the South Korean capital, Seoul. . The fliers were stuffed into balloons and contained notes branding the US president as “mentally ill” and a “dotard,” meaning someone who is weak or senile. The insults appear to be Kim Jong-un’s response to comments deliveredContinue reading “North Korea drops propaganda leaflets over Seoul calling Trump ‘mentally ill’”

Goalkeeper caught short relieves himself at touchline in 87 th minute

It can be damn cold in Bradford at this time of year. Goalkeeper sent off for urinating during match What a relief Late in a match with Bradford Park Avenue, Salford City lost its goalkeeper, Max Crocombe, who got red-carded for answering the call of nature beside his goal. The 24-year-old New Zealander apparently didn’tContinue reading “Goalkeeper caught short relieves himself at touchline in 87 th minute”

JFK Files reveal Ominous secrets and practices

  By Matt Agorist On Thursday, much to the chagrin of anyone seeking transparency, the US government released 2,800 previously classified files relating to the assassination of John F Kennedy while holding back several hundred more. President Donald Trump delayed the release of the others, saying he had “no choice” but to consider “national security, lawContinue reading “JFK Files reveal Ominous secrets and practices”

“We will not back down” says Rouhani

Iran will not back down and stop producing missiles and stockpiling or “using” any weapons to defend itself, as this does not violate any international deals, President Hassan Rouhani said. Speaking on state TV Sunday, the defiant president said that Iranians “have built, are building and will continue to build missiles,” which, according to Rouhani, does not violate internationalContinue reading ““We will not back down” says Rouhani”

Donald in his motorcade gets the finger

We don’t know if Donald Trump looked out of his car as the presidential motorcade left his Virginia resort on Saturday. If he did, he would have been treated to the bizarre sight of a cyclist alongside giving him the middle finger. . The scene in which a female cyclist raised her middle finger inContinue reading “Donald in his motorcade gets the finger”