Did US Jets Drop Live Bombs on Korean Peninsula on Sunday?

Seemingly apparent it’s alleged that the United States is getting frustrated with the continued nuclear tests done by North Korea. And to prove it, they dropped live bombs on the Korean Peninsula. The Pentagon deployed a formation of 14 bombers and fighters over the Korean Peninsula on Sunday. This blatant show of force also includedContinue reading “Did US Jets Drop Live Bombs on Korean Peninsula on Sunday?”

German submarine found off Belgian coast

BRUSSELS — An intact German World War I submarine containing the bodies of 23 people has been found off the coast of Belgium, authorities said Tuesday. Western Flanders Governor Carl Decaluwe told The Associated Press that the find on the floor of the North Sea “is very unique.” “It’s quite amazing that we found somethingContinue reading “German submarine found off Belgian coast”

Woman, 22, held at Heathrow on suspicion of terror offence

Arriving on a flight from Turkey,A woman has been arrested at Heathrow Airport on suspicion of a terrorism offence. The 22-year-old was detained by officers from the Metropolitan Police’s Counter Terrorism Command at around 10.20pm on Tuesday. She is being held in a London police station on suspicion of belonging to a proscribed organisation under sectionContinue reading “Woman, 22, held at Heathrow on suspicion of terror offence”

Syrian army crosses Euphrates river on makeshift pontoon bridges

Account of the Syrian Arab army’s crossing of the Euphrates River The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) has crossed the Euphrates River and is trying to restore full control over its west bank. RIA Novosti correspondent Mikhail Alaeddin was on the ground to witness a unique operation that could lead to the complete encirclement of theContinue reading “Syrian army crosses Euphrates river on makeshift pontoon bridges”

Visitors to Lisbon beware!

In a bid to  return to Portugal’s dark fascist past It has come to our attention of a European National “aggressively persecuted” by state sponsored revenue squads operating like paramilitary police on the Lisbon transit networks. Individuals have complained to their respective Consulates and Embassies after being roughed up on the Lisbonian transit, persecuted, notContinue reading “Visitors to Lisbon beware!”

Is Russia preparing for big war ??

  According to Chairman of NATO’s Military Committee Petr Pavel says there are reasons for concern over Russia-Belarus military drill Zapad (West) 2017. According to him, the exercise “could be seen” a “serious preparations for big war”. In addition, Pavel also said that NATO was “not competing with Russia for the Western Balkans”. He told APContinue reading “Is Russia preparing for big war ??”

Ryanair loses 140 pilots to Norwegian Air as travel chaos deepens

  So far in 2017 Ryanair has lost 140 pilots to Norwegian Air, as passengers continue to be affected by the budget airline’s plans to scrap up to 50 flights a day until the end of October. As the airline battles to fill positions, it is understood that Ryanair has commenced offering pilots a €10,000Continue reading “Ryanair loses 140 pilots to Norwegian Air as travel chaos deepens”

London Underground drivers set to walk out on October 5

London Underground drivers are to stage a 24-hour strike after voting in favour of industrial action in a dispute over working conditions. Members of Aslef will walk out on October 5, threatening huge disruption for passengers and visitors to the capital. The drivers voted by almost 9-1 to strike and a bigger margin for other formsContinue reading “London Underground drivers set to walk out on October 5”

Zapad 2017: Russia-Belarus drills progressing

Russian and Belarusian forces are striking the mock enemy on land, in the air and sea in the massive drills, which involve the full spectrum of troops, ranging from airborne armored vehicles to short-range tactical missiles. The joint Russia-Belarus strategic Zapad 2017 drills kicked off Thursday in the two countries. Some 12,700 troops are takingContinue reading “Zapad 2017: Russia-Belarus drills progressing”

Russia & China to send 11 ships, 2 subs into Pacific

A joint Russian-Chinese naval force of more than a dozen military vessels, including submarines, will participate in the upcoming second stage of the Joint Sea-2017 naval drills in the Sea of Japan and Okhotsk. The drills will kick off Monday and continue for a week, according to the spokesman for Russia’s Pacific Fleet, Vladimir Matveev.Continue reading “Russia & China to send 11 ships, 2 subs into Pacific”