Ha Ha – it’s about right

the US/NATO confrontation with Russia in Ukraine is achieving just the opposite of America’s aim of preventing China, Russia and their allies from acting independently of U.S. control over their trade and investment policy. Naming China as America’s main long-term adversary, the Biden Administration’s plan was to split Russia away from China and then crippleContinue reading “Ha Ha – it’s about right”

How Boris Johnson is turning Britain into a Global Pariah

The prime minister’s master strategist Lynton Crosby excels at using ‘wedge issues’ to gain political advantage: sending asylum seekers to Rwanda fits the bill By?Peter Oborne Global Research, June 20, 2022 Middle East Eye 16 June 2022 It’s July 2001, and Australian Prime Minister John Howard is?on course for humiliation?at the hands of the opposition Labor…

Craig Murray: Boris Johnson & the UK Decline

By Craig Murray July 08, 2022:?Information Clearing House?—?All Empires end in ignominy. That of the United Kingdom is drawing to a close. A century from now, the dominant historical narrative will be Chinese and Chinese historians will puzzle over how a prime minister, Boris Johnson,?fell from office?over a lie about what he knew of sexual…

UK National Security Bill 2022 Threatens Journalists with Life in Prison

Journalists and publishers could face life sentences if National Security Bill 2022, being debated in the U.K. Parliament, becomes law, reports Mohamed Elmaazi. By?Mohamed Elmaazi Global Research, July 18, 2022 Consortiumnews?7 July 2022 Follow us on?Instagram?and?Twitter?and subscribe to our?Telegram Channel.?Feel free to repost and share widely Global Research articles. *** The British Parliament is debating…

How UK foreign policy is fatally wedded to a declining US empire

By Andrew Hammond August 07, 2022:?Information Clearing House?–?One thing you can be sure that neither candidate in the?Conservative party leadership contest?will dare question is the basic premise of UK foreign policy. Underwritten by various permastate institutions and intelligence agencies across the Foreign Office, Home Office and Ministry of Defence, these fundamentals entail tracking US policy…

Russian dilemma over annexing taken back land (according to American media)

White House says Russia laying groundwork to annex Ukraine territory A local resident looks out through a broken window in his flat in a residential building damaged by a Russian military strike, amid Russia’s invasion on Ukraine, in Kramatorsk, in Donetsk region, Ukraine July 19, 2022. REUTERS/Gleb Garanich WASHINGTON, July 19 (Reuters) – Russia isContinue reading “Russian dilemma over annexing taken back land (according to American media)”

North Korea prepared to send 100,000 troops to join in Ukraine and fight for Russia.

100,000 North Korean soldiers could be sent to join Vladimir Putin’s forces in Ukraine North Korea has made it clear through “diplomatic channels” that as well as providing builders to repair war damage, it is ready to supply a vast fighting force, reported Regnum news agency A leading defence expert in Moscow, reserve Colonel IgorContinue reading “North Korea prepared to send 100,000 troops to join in Ukraine and fight for Russia.”

Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has long been stirring controversy over her husband’s “perfectly timed” stock trades while she’s been privileged to insider information

Pelosi Has a Long History of Insider Stock Trading Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has long been stirring controversy over her husband’s “perfectly timed” stock trades while she’s been privileged to insider information due to her role in Congress.

Former Bundeskanzler Schroeder in Moscow talking with kremlin

The visit of former German chancellor Gerhard Schröder to Moscow is connected with his desire to find a way out of the current crisis in which Germany finds itself in. Behind his visit were certain financial and economic circles who see that Germany is dying as a global economic powerhouse and believe that strengthening trade relations with RussiaContinue reading “Former Bundeskanzler Schroeder in Moscow talking with kremlin”

Writer challenging established assumptions

The Versailles Peace Treaty, the pact that ended World War I between the German empire and the Allies, has not enjoyed a high reputation among politicians, historians, and opinion-makers since its signing in June 1919. Conventional wisdom has it that, guided by motives of punishment and revenge, and based on the untenable claim that GermanyContinue reading “Writer challenging established assumptions”