Intelligence indicates Barcelona was more than ISIS-inspired attack

Law enforcement officials tell CBS News there is intelligence that indicates theBarcelona attack that left 14 dead and more than 100 injured was more than just an ISIS-inspired attack. CBS News national security analyst and former homeland security adviser to President George W. Bush, Fran Townsend, said on “CBS This Morning” the attack looks like itContinue reading “Intelligence indicates Barcelona was more than ISIS-inspired attack”

What Not to Do in Paris – and What to Do Instead

by ALEX GREIG, Online Writer Paris, je t’aime. Except when your queues are interminable, your croque-monsieurs the price of a Michelin-starred meal and your taxi drivers go the long way round. Don’t go shopping on the Champs-Élysées. You won’t find effortlessly elegant French women with poodles going about their business on the Champs. It’s Paris’s best-known streetContinue reading “What Not to Do in Paris – and What to Do Instead”

Can it be more obvious? US Navy barracks to be “camouflaged” to prevent its recognition as a Swastika

The U.S. Navy has budgeted $600,000 to obscure the fact that one of its building complexes resembles the infamous Nazi symbol from the air. The amphibious base at Coronado, Calif., constructed in the late ’60s, serves as barracks for Seabees. From ground level and inside nearby buildings, the controversial shape cannot be seen. Neither areContinue reading “Can it be more obvious? US Navy barracks to be “camouflaged” to prevent its recognition as a Swastika”

Switzerland calls off search for landslide victims

Sadly Swiss officials called off a search for eight people missing since a huge landslide struck near the border with Italy, acknowledging they are likely to be buried under millions of tonnes of rock. The small village of Bondo was partly buried on Wednesday under metres of collapsing mountain, and regional police said they were expectingContinue reading “Switzerland calls off search for landslide victims”

Harvey: ‘Unprecedented’ flooding ‘beyond anything experienced’ inundates Houston Texas

Hurricane Harvey Houston is being inundated with “unprecedented” flooding after ferocious Hurricane Harvey set in over the Texas Gulf Coast this weekend, dumping torrential rain on the city, with no end in sight. “This event is unprecedented & all impacts are unknown & beyond anything experienced. Follow orders from officials to ensure safety,” the National Weather ServiceContinue reading “Harvey: ‘Unprecedented’ flooding ‘beyond anything experienced’ inundates Houston Texas”

Russian war games serves to stoke fears to justify NATO presence says Moscow

Above ~ Mi-8 helicopters of the Belarus Air Force are seen here during preparations for the West 2017 Belarusian-Russian joint strategic exercise in the Mogilev Region, Belarus Claims that the upcoming joint military exercises of Russian and Belarusian troops will involve a larger number of troops than announced is pure speculation aimed at justifying the increasedContinue reading “Russian war games serves to stoke fears to justify NATO presence says Moscow”

Trumps ‘Nazi salute’

This week’s cover in Stern  a popular German news magazine depicts U.S. President Donald Trump draped in the American flag  giving a stiff-armed Nazi salute! And that is drawing sharp criticism from a prominent Jewish group. Stern magazine’s illustration is part of a cover story headlined “Sein Kampf,” which translates as “His Struggle” and is a playContinue reading “Trumps ‘Nazi salute’”

Travel chaos erupts as London bus staff walk out

Travel chaos could erupt in London over the remainder of the Bank Holiday weekend, with bus staff set strike for 48 hours from Sunday. The walkout, which coincides with Notting Hill Carnival and Clapham’s South West Four festival, will begin at 12.01am on Sunday and is expected to last until the end of Monday. More than two million peopleContinue reading “Travel chaos erupts as London bus staff walk out”

North Korea furious as Britain joins dangerous US military exercises in Korea

BRITISH forces will take part in controversial military exercises led by the US that are due to take place close to North Korea. The Pentagon has announced that along with British troops taking part, forces from Australia, Canada, Denmark, New Zealand and The Netherlands are also due to be involved in the manoeuvres that areContinue reading “North Korea furious as Britain joins dangerous US military exercises in Korea”