Foreigners are thin on the ground in China

Foreigners are thin on the ground in China these days. Just look at poor Element Fresh: For years, the Western restaurant chain, known for Caesar salads and surprisingly potent cocktails, was a haven for homesick expats; now, it’s gone out of business. But it’s not just middle-of-the-road eateries that are suffering: the mass exodus ofContinue reading “Foreigners are thin on the ground in China”

Western media warping the minds of Big brother followers

Bild explains how Putin can ‘destroy Ukraine’ “This is how Putin could destroy Ukraine,” German tabloid Bild said on Wednesday. The scenario, penned by Julian Röpcke, also featured a fanciful map with lines and arrows of three “phases” of the “invasion.” CNN pulls out the maps British journalist Tim Marshall on Tuesday unfolded a map of Europe for CNN, to explain toContinue reading “Western media warping the minds of Big brother followers”

How comes ?Western media has our Russian leadership and army all figured out….

20 Jan, 2022 14:44HomeRussia & FSU Putin’s battle plans & Ukraine invasion maps as (un)-covered by Western media ‘Russian invasion’ scenarios imagined, complete with detailed maps and phases of the incursion © The Sun The same US “intelligence community” that brought us ‘weapons of mass destruction in Iraq’ and ‘Trump-Russia collusion’ claimed in November thatContinue reading “How comes ?Western media has our Russian leadership and army all figured out….”

Lets scare everybody just that tiny bit more….

Covid death toll jumps | ‘Live with virus like flu’ – what the changes mean | Back-to-work in action Mirror Coronavirus Briefing2 hours ago Today’s key information on Covid-19 Mirror    Covid-19    Politics    News    |    Sign In  Back to workCaring about deathsThe Covid official death toll jumped another 330 to 153,202 with 107,364 fresh infections as care homesContinue reading “Lets scare everybody just that tiny bit more….”

Watch Epiphany on YouTube Music Between 1992 and mid 1994 they were called Plague and released a demotape called “Mental Embrace”.Their most important live show before change the name was at the S-tron & Maschinenwelt Festival in Berlin 1994., MySpace Members:Dennis Schober, Frank Glassl, Markus Otto (2), Michael Thielemann, Steve Graeber (2)

Spanish Police join the Resistance

Spanish Police Declare Resistance To Covid Tyranny and Corruption January 19, 2022 ER Editor: This report is based on a tweeted video of a Spanish police officer speaking at a rally. It seems to be Sonia Vascovacci and her activist police group that we have reported on before. Readers may be interested in this piece (Google will translateContinue reading “Spanish Police join the Resistance”