Mallorca aircraft mid-air collision kills at least five

At least five people have been killed in Mallorca when a helicopter and an ultralight plane collided in mid-air.

The crash took place near Inca, in the north of the popular tourist island off the coast of mainland Spain.

At least one of the victims is understood to have been under 18.

Spanish media report that at least three passengers – a couple and the minor – were travelling together in the helicopter.

The other two deceased are believed to have been flying in the ultralight – a type of small aircraft with a maximum of two seats.

The government of the Balearic islands, to which Mallorca belongs, confirmed at least five deaths.

Regional President Francina Armengol said emergency teams were working on the scene and one of the regional government’s ministers had been dispatched.

Local newspaper Diario De Mallorca said the collision happened in the air over the Inca Hospital at about 13:36 local time (12:36 GMT). Emergency teams were trying to determine if two other potential victims were on board at the time, it said.

Photos made available from the local fire service showed wreckage from the aircraft in the town. The tail section of one landed in the road, while another photo showed twisted and blackened metal on fire in a garden.

Spanish media outlet La Sexta said the wreckage had landed in a nearby farm.

Spain’s Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez expressed “solidarity and sympathies” with the victims.

A map shows Inca in relation to local capital Palma on the island of Mallorca, Spain

Fed up Hong Kong Police now draw out their guns

Officers were chased by demonstrators who called them “gangsters” in a second successive day of violence in the Chinese territory.

Hong Kong police have drawn their guns and one fired a warning shot into the air after they were attacked by protesters with sticks and rods.

The officers had been chased by the demonstrators who called them “gangsters” during a second successive day of violence in the Chinese territory.

There had been a standoff earlier as police used tear gas to clear a large group of anti-government protesters who had occupied a main street in the Tsuen Wan district.

Lea Li@Lealokkk

Police fired one shot to the sky during the clashes with protesters.88713:16 – 25 Aug 2019 · 

Tsuen Wan District, Hong Kong

Officers also used water cannon against activists for the first time in this summer’s wave of demonstrations in the former British colony.

There were skirmishes between officers and brick-throwing activists following a pro-democracy march in Kwai Fong in the New Territories, where tens of thousands of people took to the streets.Advertisement

A large crowd then attended a rally in a park but a separate group of protesters took over a main road nearby, putting up barricades with traffic barriers and cones.

Water cannon in Hong Kong
Image:Water cannon were deployed by police in Hong Kong
Hong Kong demonstrators
Image:Demonstrators are surrounded by tear gas

Police tried to disperse them by firing tear gas but protesters reacted by hurling bricks and other objects towards the officers.

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At least one petrol bomb was thrown by protesters, some of whom then moved down narrow side streets where the water cannon could not follow.

Police said: “Some radical protesters have removed railings… and set up barricades with water-filled barriers, bamboo sticks, traffic cones and other objects.

“Such acts neglect the safety of citizens and road users, paralysing traffic in the vicinity.”

The violence came a day after similar clashes in the Kowloon Bay district, where authorities arrested 29 people for offences including unlawful assembly, possession of offensive weapons and assaulting police officers.

Two crowd-control vehicles fitted with water cannons were deployed on the streets on Sunday.

The South China Morning Post reported the custom-built French trucks have 15 high-pressure cannons each.

Police fire tear gas
Image:Police fire tear gas at protesters

Two cannons on the roof can fire more than 1,200 litres of water a minute over a distance of 50 metres. The water can be mixed with tear gas or liquid dye as well.

The cannons should only be aimed at the lower limbs of the protesters, according to guidelines.

An assistant commissioner of police overseeing operations is allowed to authorise deployment of the water cannon after assessing threats.

The trucks arrived in the city in May last year.

A demonstrator uses a catapult as protesters clash with riot police
Image:A demonstrator uses a catapult as protesters clash with riot police

The latest wave of demonstrations began almost three months ago over a now-suspended bill which would allow criminal suspects in Hong Kong to be extradited to mainland China.

The protests are also fuelled by concerns about the erosion of freedoms guaranteed under the “one country, two systems” formula that was put in place after the territory returned from UK to Chinese rule in 1997.

Protest march in Hong Kong
Image:Tens of thousands of people took part in a pro-democracy march

North Korea test-fires ‘super-large multiple rocket launcher’

The weapons test was successful and Kim Jong Un said the launcher was “a great weapon”, according to a state news agency.

Kim Jong Un has overseen the test-firing of what North Korea has called a “newly developed super-large multiple rocket launcher”.

The weapons test was successful and the leader said the launcher was “indeed a great weapon”, according to the country’s Central News Agency.

Photos released by state media showed rockets launching from large tubes mounted on the back of an eight-wheel vehicle.

Rocket launcher test
Image:South Korea’s military said the North fired two suspected short-range ballistic missiles off its east coast
Rocket launcher test

South Korea’s military said the North fired two suspected short-range ballistic missiles off its east coast and they flew for 236 miles (380km) at a maximum height of 60 miles (97km).

It was the seventh known weapons test in about a month.

ENTER Stage Left – Russia’s new 6 ton Drone

The Russian Ministry of Defense has unveiled new footage of a 6-ton unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), capable of flying long-duration missions for 24-hours. 

Dubbed the Altius-U drone, it can conduct a wide variety of reconnaissance missions for 24-hours at a time.

The Defense Ministry said all systems functioned properly during the test flight, including optical sensors, communication systems, and radar equipment.

Earlier this month, we reported on another test flight, this time it was Russia’s new combat stealth drone, the Sukhoi S-70 Okhotnik, or Hunter-B, which has been described as a stealth heavy unmanned combat aerial vehicle (UCAV) being developed by Sukhoi as a sixth-generation aircraft.

The Defense Ministry released footage of the Sukhoi S-70 Okhotnik drone in action, in a 20-minute low altitude flight at about 2000 feet. Russian news agencies reported it as the next generation drone’s maiden flight.

On their way to Crathie church near Balmoral Castle in Scotland today (groan)

The Duke, 37, and Duchess of Cambridge, 37, joined the Queen, 93, as they made their way to Crathie church near Balmoral Castle in Scotland today.

Her Majesty (pictured left) opted for a bright pink ensemble and matching hat. while Kate Middleton, 38, donned a green dress by Michael Kors.

The royals looked in high spirits and appeared to share a joke as they made their way to the destination. Pictured inset, Prince William in the passenger seat and Kate Middleton in the back.

Israeli warplanes carry out mock bombing raids over Lebanon’s Sidon

Israeli warplanes reportedly carried out mock bombing raids over the Lebanese city of Sidon following Israeli Defense Forces attacks on “Iranian targets” in neighboring Syria.

Lebanon’s National News Agency is reporting that Israeli jets flew at a low altitude over the country’s third largest city, which is approximately 40km south of the capital Beirut.

The reported raids follow a flurry of Israeli activity in Lebanon and neighboring Syria. In the early hours of Sunday morning, an explosion hit a southern suburb of Beirut in what Hezbollah labeled an “Israeli drone attack.” 

Prince William, his wife Catherine and their three children took a budget airline flight on Thursday — just days after his brother Prince Harry and wife Meghan faced criticism for their use of private jets

Prince William, his wife Catherine and their three children took a budget airline flight on Thursday — just days after his brother Prince Harry and wife Meghan faced criticism for their use of private jets.The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge took their family on economy airline FlyBe for a flight from Norwich in eastern England to Aberdeen on Scotland’s east coast.

They were travelling to Queen Elizabeth’s summer residence of Balmoral Castle, Reuters news agency reported.”We were delighted to welcome the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and their family on board one of our flights again, this time when they flew from Norwich to Aberdeen with our franchise partner, Eastern Airways,” a FlyBe spokesman told CNN in a statement.

Harry and Meghan branded hypocrites for using private jets

FlyBe declined to tell CNN how much the flight had cost. Prices for that route start at £73 ($89), with a fully flexible fare costing £249 ($303).Kensington Palace told CNN that it had no comment on the matter.Earlier this week, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex faced criticism after using private jets to fly to the south of France and Ibiza in two trips just days apart.

Environmental campaigners accused the pair of hypocrisy, saying that Harry and Meghan’s actions contradict their public stance on climate change, given aviation is one of the world’s major polluters and is responsible for more than 2% of global emissions.The environmental footprint of a private jet is also much greater than that of a commercial plane.

Prince Harry says he is only having two children ‘maximum’ for the sake of the planetEarlier in August, Harry said he plans to have two children “maximum,” in order to protect the planet, during a conversation with activist Jane Goodall in an edition of British Vogue guest-edited by Meghan. He also spoke about the “terrifying” effects of climate change.

Singer Elton John defended the royal couple, however, and said media reports of their trips were “distorted and malicious.” The star said he and his husband David Furnish had paid for the private jet to Nice for security reasons, and had made a donation to an environmental charity.

“After a hectic year continuing their hard work and dedication to charity, David and I wanted the young family to have a private holiday inside the safety and tranquility of our home. To maintain a high level of much-needed protection, we provided them with a private jet flight,” he posted on Twitter.

A friend of Meghan defended her in a post on Instagram, calling out the “racist bullies” who criticize her, following years of “undeserved hate and abuse.”

Julian Assange smears fade as Wikileaks witnesses concede he was not reckless, did protect informants – Michael West

Liverpool 3-1 Arsenal

Liverpool have maintained their 100 percent start to the new English Premier League season, with an emphatic 3-1 victory over Arsenal, in a top of the table clash at Anfield. 

The Merseyside Reds took control when Joel Matip put them ahead with a powerful header from a corner four minutes before the break.

The hosts dominated the second half, with Mohammed Salah scoring from the spot in the 49th minute, to make it 2-nil. 

The Egyptian star secured the victory for Liverpool before the hour mark, after finishing off a great individual effort with a powerful low strike. 

Lucas Torreira scored the consolation for the Gunners with five minutes from time.

With the victory, Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool have now registered three wins out of three, and a 12th successive Premier League victory.