Is America reaching its end phase ?

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Is America reaching its end phase ?

by tonytran2015 (Melbourne, Australia).

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Is America reaching its end phase ?

Empires don’t last forever [1]. America empire may be now reaching its end phase.

1. Signs of American end phase.

American Congress is now in the hands of half-citizens (each congress member with dual citizenship has only half-loyalty to America) and is under tremendous pressure from lobbyists.

Congress and Supreme Court are fighting hard to take-over Presidential power: Supreme Court tries to incapacitate Executive power (as granted by the Constitution) on many cases then gives Congress the final says on those cases.

American politicians are now denouncing populism of their own President Donald Trump and of Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Orban[5] . They are…

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Police Yellow Tape-Protects the sanctity of the crime scene.

Samina's Forum for police support

“The dead cannot cry out for justice; it is a duty of the living to do so for them.” (Lois McMaster Bujold) 

Featured on the Minnesota Historical Society’s... Featured on the Minnesota Historical Society’s Collections Up Close blog. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When any Police agency puts up an advertisement in the newspaper or a magazine for a police officer’s position, it often reads as: “Wanted: Police Officer to protect life and property and secure the safety of citizens. The work environment may be physically demanding, stressful and dangerous.” The inherent perils that come with the profession are not detailed in the job prerequisite. Whether an officer has been on the job for a day, a year, a decade, or more there is the ubiquitous chance of that officer being involved in a traumatic episode.

Beyond the yellow tape there is no exhilaration, but a chance for wisdom to triumph and ire to behold. What actually lies beyond…

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Why not the Royals pay out their own f****** bill?After all they have enough money already

The Tory Government has no money for ordinary folks…often leaving them abandoned to die…….

and yet they pay out £2 million to make a Royal party secure?????

I find that annoying, irritating, crass and unnecessary

Why not the Royals pay out their own f****** bill

‘Thames Valley Police is responsible for the huge security operation … in Windsor apply for extra cash to cover the £2million cost of security’



Union jack produces


Union Jack is a trance music collaboration between Simon Berry and Claudio Giussani, a trance music producer from England. The duo has focused on acid and tech trance and has been closely associated with the Platipus record label, which was founded by Berry.

Disillusioned by the state of the early 1990s music industry, Berry and Giussani joined forces in 1993, firstly remixing Nicely’s “Away The Throttle Pedal Stop” before releasing their seminal first single, “Two Full Moons and A Trout”. Their following single, “Cactus”, reinforced their reputation before the release of their first album There Will Be No Armageddon. Enjoyable both at home and on the dance floor, it contained their third single, “Red Herring”, which was a popular club song in the 1990s.

In 2008, after a 7-year hiatus, Union Jack (this time featuring a new production partner, Paul Brogden aka POB of Seismic Records) recommenced with a career spanning live set at the Ultra Music Festival, taking in all their classic tracks. Following the success of that live date the pair entered the studio to work on Pylon Pigs, Union Jack’s first new material in eleven years.




Bavarian voters deliver a stinging blow to Merkel

Projections based on exit polls show the conservative Christian Social Union, long a juggernaut in Bavaria, receiving one of the worst results in its history.

Sunday’s vote is likely to reverberate loudly in Berlin, where it will be seen as yet another blow to Chancellor Angela Merkel’s once-mighty fusion of her own Christian Democratic Union (CDU) with its Bavarian sister, the CSU.



RT America correspondent silenced by Facebook purge speaks out

RT America’s Rachel Blevins has had her public account axed by Facebook amid the social media giant’s recent crackdown on alternative news sources. Blevins says she only posted her journalistic work and is baffled by the move.

Rachel says she had to work hard for four years to amass a following of nearly 70,000 people. She has no clue as to what might have prompted Facebook censors to see red and banish her from the site in the ‘inauthentic behavior’crackdown, as she only posted her own work, articles and video reports.

READ MORE: ‘Like a death blow’: Banned alternative media speak to RT after mass Facebook purge

The RT America correspondent said that Facebook listed a plethora of reasons as to why her account got the chop. Rachel says the social media giant said it was a “fake account”, was “misleading users” and was “violating Facebook’s spam policy”.

“I’ve gotten some comments from people saying maybe its related to RT,” the newly minted employee said, who recently started with RT.

Rachel says she is not a spammer, as she has always used her own personal account to post stories. She states that she has never spread any controversial material – her reports simply look at angles the mainstream media ignores.

Facebook has turned its back on content creators, and is now silencing instead of encouraging them, she says.


When I first started out, Facebook was the main place where a lot of journalists and media personalities went to build a following, and it was the place where they could really connect with their followers. It seems that especially in the last year, Facebook has changed course and is stifling a lot of these content creators that it helped out in the first place.”

Rachel has appealed the decision to delete her page, but says she is yet to receive a response from Facebook


shame on you!