US troops ‘rehearsed internment’ in Indiana state in the past



” with many concerned about a blurring of the lines between the military and domestic law enforcement.”…this is important, as it lays the foundations for them to get prepared

to see troops on the streets more (rather than in Bases)
“During a March 2015 drill in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, military and law enforcement practiced the internment of citizens.”
“During a 2012 U.S. Army exercise, St Louis City residents were told not be alarmed at the sight of U.S. Army tanks rolling down residential neighborhoods after sightings of the vehicles provoked fears of martial law.”
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American “deep state” is so fond of dropping bombs and missiles on others, sanctioning and discrediting other nations……What would happen if China imposes economic sanctions on the U.S.?

Question written in by a viewer in Europe today………….


China will not impose economic sanctions on USA, not anyone in fact.

But in the case of an all out economic war, it depends on the duration leading to this all out economic war.

If this develops in a short term, say a few weeks, the shelf of the supermarkets in USA will be empty and there will be riots in the street. You see, most daily essential items are made in China. Without a constant flow of cheap daily items to USA from China, USA will quickly self destruct.

Can USA replace Chinese imports from other sources? That’s question of the leading duration comes in. If USA has carefully planned and source the daily items from elsewhere before hand, it can survive albeit with a rapid rise of inflation. Else, the riots in the streets can become very bloody very soon.

As for China, it may have a few economic slow down, but it will come out stronger than before. Look at the sanctions of space exploration, high performance computer chips, weapons, high strength steel and so on. It is the USA sanctions which forced the Chinese to develop their own. Now China is building its own space station while the International Space Station will be closing down. China has the top two fastest computers in the world, the first one is even using chips designed and manufactured by China itself.

Trade is always a win-win transaction. Trade harms both sides. But in the current situation, USA cannot afford China banning the export to USA. That will be devastating to say the least.

Thank you for clarifying the situation Albert

Withdraw troops or face consequences, says Chinese diplomat


The remarks that mark a serious escalation in rhetoric over the ongoing tensions between the two countries

India must withdraw troops on the Doklam plateau or “face consequences”, said a senior Chinese diplomat here on Thursday. The remarks that mark a serious escalation in rhetoric over the ongoing tensions between the two countries, as their armies continue a six-week long stand-off near the India-Bhutan-China trijunction off Sikkim.

“The crossing of the boundary line by Indian troops into the territory of China using the pretext of security concerns for a 3rd party (Bhutan) is illegal,” the Chinese Deputy Chief of Mission Liu Jinsong told journalists, adding that “The troops should be withdrawn immediately, otherwise there will be serious consequences.”

While refusing to elaborate on what the “consequences” would be, the diplomat said that the Indian action at Doklam was akin to “intruding into your neighbours house, and demanding the neighbour leave to ensure your withdrawal,” and quoting Chinese President Xi Jinping added, “Military option is the fundamental guarantor of sovereignty.”


The Embassy’s comments, the sharpest Chinese statement yet, followed India’s rejection of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ 15-page position statement that was published on Wednesday. The statement that claimed that the numbers of Indian troops on the part of the Doklam plateau contested between China and Bhutan had reduced from 400 to “over 40”. Government sources had said that there had been no reduction in Indian troops.

Repeating the charge, however, Mr. Liu said that as of Thursday, the Chinese Army had counted exactly 48 Indian soldiers. “Even one Indian soldier violating Chinese sovereignty is too many,” he continued, “We cannot bear that for another hour, another day, and they must be pulled out immediately.”

The Chinese diplomat said that Chinese troops had notified India of their intention to refurbish a road in what it called its own territory on two occasions, on May 18 and June 8, the first time China has shared the specific details. He added that it was “very shocking” for the Chinese side when the Indian troops came over to the disputed territory. More significantly, the diplomat alleged that India had not, as the government has maintained, come to the rescue of Bhutanese troops in the area.

When asked by The Hindu whether China had been embarrassed by the Bhutan Foreign Ministry statement of June 30th, which said the Chinese road construction activity was in “direct violation” of previous agreements, Mr. Liu shot back, “From the Bhutanese statement, nothing reflects that the Bhutanese side invited or knew before hand that India would send troops. Even if we accept a difference of view between China and Bhutan, we have many mechanisms to resolve them bilaterally.”

Bhutan’s Ambassador to India V. Namgyal told The Hindu he would not comment on the remarks by the Chinese envoy, saying that there was “nothing further to add” to the official statement.

When contacted for a response, the MEA too declined to add to its statement of Wednesday, where it said that “peace and tranquility in the India-China border areas is an important pre-requisite for smooth development of our bilateral relations with China.”


Former Met police chief calls for extremists to be detained in internment camps

Monday 29 May 2017

‘Bold steps’ needed to prevent future attacks, says former official.

Thousands of suspected extremists should be detained in internment camps, a former high-ranking Scotland Yard official has said.

Warning that the UK faced an “unprecedented terrorist threat”, Tarique Ghaffur said mass incarceration was needed to prevent future attacks because there were too many potential terrorists for security services to monitor. It emerged on Saturday that MI5 suspected 23,000 of being Islamist extremists, of whom 3,000 were still considered a threat.

“The time has come to set up special centres to detain these 3,000 extremists,” Mr Ghaffur wrote in an article for The Mail on Sunday.

The measure has been condemned by human rights organisations and security experts alike, who said it would only exacerbate the threat from extremism.

Mr Ghaffur, who was assistant commissioner at Scotland Yard at the time of the 2005 attacks in London, said the camps could be overseen by “vetted Muslim and other community leaders”.

Deradicalisation programmes would run inside the centres, Mr Ghaffur said, calling for imams to support the radical plan.

“I know many will oppose these centres as oppressive,” Mr Ghaffur added. “But the threat we face from terrorism is unprecedented and if we do not take bold steps now we will not be able to prevent future attacks.”

As part of his plans Mr Ghaffur also called for “extremist asylum seekers” to be “re-vetted”.

Debate about anti-terrorism measures was reignited after the Manchester attack, in which 22 people were killed by Mancunian-born Salman Abedi.

Internment for suspected Islamist extremists was also proposed last week by Colonel Richard Kemp, the former British Army commander in Afghanistan.



Ed~ But they never refer to how embedded Zionists and Corporatists Bankers are in our systems, preferring instead to persecute often in the majortity of cases  law abiding muslims?

Is that in itself just ?

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Frightening: The Mark of Beast Is Already Upon Us

Emigrate While You Still Can!

Just like vaccines are becoming mandatory with no exceptions, RFID chips are headed in that direction as well. Soon, if you are not willing to take an RFID chip, you will not be able to buy, sell or hold a job. The Mark of the Beast is nearly upon us.

watchdog of western mass media



On June 30 2016, the world held its breath as Rodrigo Duterte was elected president of the Philippines with nearly two fifths of the vote. Here was a man who had joked openly about rape, called Pope Francis a “son of a whore,” and has casually mentioned how much he likes taking Viagra.

One of Duterte’s most extreme election campaign promises was to rid the Philippines of drug users and dealers.

“If I make it to the presidential palace, I will do just what I did as mayor. All of you who are into drugs, you sons of bitches, I will really kill you. I have no patience, I have no middle ground, either you kill me or I will kill you idiots,” Duterte said at a campaign rally.

The death toll

According to Human Rights Watch, security forces and “unidentified gunmen” have killed at least 7,000 suspected drug users and dealers since July 1, 2016. Of those killings, 3,116 have been carried out by police. The death toll in one year under Duterte’s leadership is higher than all of those killed while dictator Ferdinand Marcos was in power between 1972 and 1981.

How are people being killed?

Men and women have been summarily executed while carrying out drug deals, and others have been dragged from their homes and shot in the street. All were allegedly involved in the drugs trade, although some relatives and friends maintain the victims’ innocence, saying police were mistaken.

Human rights groups have alleged that police are behind the vigilantes killing the majority of drug users and abusers. The president has publicly supported citizens killing drug addicts, saying “If you know of any addicts, go ahead and kill them yourself as getting their parents to do it would be too painful.” In March, Duterte even suggested that unemployed people should be recruited as vigilantes.

How has the world reacted?

Duterte’s war on drugs has been widely condemned by the West. The European Parliament issued a resolution in March denouncing the “high number of extrajudicial killings” that have taken place under Duterte’s leadership.

The United Nations’ special rapporteur on extrajudicial killings, Agnes Callamard, has said she is eager to carry out an investigation into human rights violations in the Philippines but Duterte will not allow her to do so until she agrees to a public debate with him, Reuters reports.

While Duterte has dismissed his critics in the international community as “crazies,” he claims to have received praise from U.S. President Donald Trump. After the Philippine president called the latter to wish him luck after his inauguration, Duterte said in a statement: “He  [Trump] was quite sensitive also to our worry about drugs. And he wishes me well … in my campaign and he said that … we are doing it as a sovereign nation, the right way.”

When will the violence end?

The war on drugs is ongoing, although it has been recently eclipsed by the ISIS insurgency in the south of the country in Marawi.

Duterte has said: “My campaign on drugs will not end, until the end of my term six years from now when every drug pusher is [killed],” Duterte told a crowd in December 2016, making a throat-slitting gesture, The Guardian reported.

On Friday, Philippine drug enforcement agency chief Isidro Lapeña claimed the drugs war has been “successful.” He said that 1,308,078 drug suspects had surrendered and 2.246 tons of illegal drugs had been seized by authorities since Duterte took office.

Rights groups have condemned the killings, and Amnesty International has said the war on drugs is actually a war on the poor.


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Qatar Airways withdraws plan to buy American Airlines stake !

Qatar Airways says it has lost interest in buying a 10-percent equity stake in American Airlines after reviewing the investment, a move that might be rooted in the ongoing political rift between Doha and Washington’s regional allies.

“Further review of the proposed financial investment, taking into account the latest public disclosure of American Airlines, has demonstrated that the investment no longer meets our objectives,” Qatar Airways said in a statement, Financial Times reported Wednesday.

“Qatar Airways will continue to investigate alternative investment opportunities in the United States of America and elsewhere that do meet our objectives,” added the airliner.

The statement did not specify which public disclosure by American Airlines had prompted the decision.

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Psychotic Trump signs Russia sanctions bill despite ‘clearly unconstitutional’ provisions

US President Donald Trump has signed legislation that imposes new sanctions against Russia, Iran and North Korea and limits his ability to ease sanctions without approval from Congress.

In a statement on Wednesday, Trump said he signed the ‘Countering American Adversaries Through Sanctions Act,’ even though it was “seriously flawed” and had “clearly unconstitutional provisions” that encroach on the executive branch’s authority to negotiate foreign policy.


“Congress could not even negotiate a healthcare bill after seven years of talking,” the president stated. “By limiting the Executive’s flexibility this bill makes it harder for the United States to strike good deals for the American people, and will drive China, Russia, North Korea much closer together.”


Despite the concerns, Trump signed the legislation “for the sake of national unity,” says a statement released by the White House.

The sanctions bill “represents the will of the American people to see Russia take steps to improve relations with the United States,” Trump added, echoing the statement made by the State Department last week.

“The US President’s signing of the package of new Russia sanctions ends hopes for improving our relations,” said Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

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‘We are ready’ says Juncker : If US sanctions hurt European interests, EU will react ‘within days’

Europe will come up with an “adequate” response and “within days” if the newly-signed US anti-Russian sanctions law hurts the interests of European companies working with Russia, European Commission Head Jean-Claude Juncker has warned.

European interests should be always taken into account when it comes to enabling new US sanctions, Juncker said in an interview to the German ARD-Europastudio Brussel.

“We must defend our economic interests even against the US. And that is what we are going to do,” Juncker said.

“We are ready,” he added, pointing out that EU reserves the right to take retaliatory measures in case its interests are violated. He also drew attention to the fact that the newly-signed US law can have “unpredictable” consequences for the EU in the field of energy security.

The new US sanctions can affect EU efforts to diversify its energy supply, particularly in the Baltic region, the European Commission head warned.

Nevertheless, he expressed hope that the US would still take Europe’s interests into account by saying “the US Congress stated that these sanctions should be imposed only in consultation with the US allies”and he “assumes” that the EU “is still a US ally.”

Juncker recalled his own statements made during the G-7 meeting in Italy and G-20 meeting in Germany that the EU would be ready to respond within a short period of time in case the US imposes new unilateral sanctions against Russia.

READ MORE: ‘Counter-sanctions possible, trade war between EU & US would be very bad’ – German economy minister

Pointedly though, he reaffirmed the EU commitment to the policy of sanctions against Russia and said that unity and close cooperation in the field of such policy between the G7 countries is necessary to facilitate the full implementation of the Minsk Agreements, which stipulate principles for a peaceful solution to the Ukrainian crisis.

Earlier Berlin said that US sanctions against Russia violate international law. “We consider this as being against international law, plain and simple,” German economy minister Brigitte Zypries said Monday.

“Of course we don’t want a trade war. But it is important the European Commission now looks into countermeasures,” she said adding that “the Americans can not punish German companies because they operate economically in another country.”

Earlier Wednesday, US President Donald Trump signed into law the bill which imposes new sanctions against Russia, Iran and North Korea and which limits his ability to ease sanctions without approval from Congress.

Read more

The Reichstag building © Tobias Schwarz

Both Chambers of the US Congress voted with veto-proof majorities to approve the bill which seeks to punish Russia over a raft of American perceived ‘transgressions’, including its support for the Syrian government, alleged support for the rebels in Ukraine, as well as Crimea’s accession to Russia and Moscow’s purported meddling in last year’s US election.

Following the bill’s approval by the House and Senate last week, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that the US would have to cut its embassy staff in Russia by 755 people by September and said Moscow would also seize several buildings used by US diplomats.

After Trump signed the bill into law, the Russian envoy to the UN, Vassily Nebenzia, said Russia will not “bend or break” over US sanctions and will not change its policy. He said that Moscow will, however, continue to look for ways to cooperate with the US on issues such as Syria.

Despite it all, Trump signed what he himself termed “significantly flawed” legislation while warning that it would “hinder our important work with European allies.”

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