Hawkwind Spirit of the Age

Imagine this you were a bored paper-round boy until Hawkwind arrived.in a tense anticipation at 14, you stood smong your school friends, finally the bank takes the stage, wait what’s this he come for the gig not with loons but underpants


Turkey primed to start offensive against US-backed Kurds in Syria

Erdoğan also expressed disappointment that US-backed Kurdish fighters in Syria had not left the town of Manbij, as agreed in a US-Turkish deal brokered this year. “The Americans are not being honest; they are still not removing terrorists [from Manbij],” he said. “Therefore, we will do it.”

Pound & FTSE stall, gilts fall on May’s ‘lame duck’ survival

AIWA! NO! Then press in 'plain sight'.

‘I recognise the strength of concern in the House of Commons and that is what I will be putting to colleagues today,’ May said in reference to her unpopular EU withdrawal deal.

|AIWA! NO!|Theresa May’s ‘lame duck’ victory took the zest out of UK currency, government bond and stock markets today as investors weighed the political complexities surrounding the prime minister as she seeks a way out of the Brexit crisis.

The pound, having dipped after Maysurvivedlast night’s no-confidence vote in her leadership of the Conservative party with a200-117 majority of her MPs, initially regained momentum but then settled back at $1.2635 against the dollar after the premier returned to Brussels to plead for concessions from European Union leaders.

Sterling strengthened slightly against the euro, which dipped to 89.88p after the European Central Bank noted…

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